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Can Gaming Make You Smarter?

Videogames. It’s been said for years now, how does large hours of playing videogames make you dumb and ruin you. And sure, just like everything out there, doing something to the extreme can easily turn you into an extremist.

But now, if you take all the radicalism away and put some measures – does playing videogames or any kind of games make you smarter? The answer is yes. There’s been numerous articles that have proven this to be truth.

This might sound a bit ridiculous, but for example, games such as Age of Empire, where the whole idea is to use your brain and come up with strategic ideas to pass a new level or conquer, respectively. You need to learn how to save and use your resources wisely, understanding the dangers and what not. Of course, there are few more learning based games that use math and many types of languages to test you over and luckily, you will get to learn some skills.

In the words of Matthew Barr, from the University of Glasgow, videogames also can help you later or while studying at university:

“Modern video games often require players to be adaptable and resourceful, and finding multiple ways of accomplishing a task. The way games are designed often encourages critical thinking and reflective learning, commonly cited as desirable attributes in graduates.”

Now, of course, the whole concept of gaming goes beyond Xbox and PS4 and in these days there are many online games that can be played by various of websites. Casino games such as Online Blackjack are built on a very particular set of skills that will not only benefit your chances of winning but can be used for other things in a daily basis. Just like any other strategic games aforementioned, in order to beat your rivals, you need to learn how to read body language, as well as knowing how to make the best of your cards. Of course, some lucky charm is always welcoming.

Playing Chess unleash your originality, since it activates the right side of the brain, the side responsible for creativity. It also increases problem-solving skills as a chess match requires fast thinking.

Overall, while games like Call of Duty can push some people to violence – in an ironic twist, it can improve and come up with some skills some didn’t thought they even had. The major difference relies on the approach each individual gives to it.

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