Social Media Vs. Privacy – Can You Maintain Privacy on Social Media?

When first modern social media landed in the market for the first time in 1997, people considered it as a step into the future. Not for a while in history, the whole of society was ever brought so close that one could, almost instantly, convey anything to the desired audience. The emergence of other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter complimented the rise of the social media market. As the audience base increased, the massive influx of personal information became available online and in the cloud. These have now rendered privacy issues at the forefront of discussions.

Social networking platform

Wikipedia defines Social Network as a social structure that is made up of a set of social actors (representing individuals and organizations), which interact on the platform provided by the network. Now, the factor giving rise to privacy issue on social media is an absolute monopoly of the site on its policies, instances of data thefts, and illegal sharing of personal data. Privacy issues on social networks are a subset of data privacy. They are growing concern among the masses.


The increased user base of social networking sites, have tempted them to ask for more and more data for better user-base management. The data is a significant source of income for the sites by selling them to advertisers. Moreover, they are prone to get public or hacked. That is where the issue arises. Nowadays, networking sites have become such big brands that people take their information security for granted. New features are now a regular update, and as they keep coming, such issues are bound to increase. For example, location-based networks- they are, though very innovative and somewhat helpful at times of need, but they make daily routines of individual public information.

Availability of personal info is an opportunity for scam artists, identity thieves, and stalkers to use user’s info in a way that’s harmful. Even the Facebook messages which people use so carelessly is not end to end encrypted, i.e., there is Facebook (as the third party) keeping look on the messages as well.

Fake debt collectors are also a significant issue in privacy security debate. It keeps the financial security of an individual under question. National Debt Relief has handled many such cases.

However, on the other hand, social networks are crucial as well to remain connected and updated with the world. So, here we come up with some basic tips which can keep you safe whenever you use the sites.

  • Keep checking your privacy settings regularly

  • Always create strong passwords and use different passwords for different sites

  • Ensure that people you connect to/follow/add as friend must be known to you

  • Always analyze your post before posting

  • Never enter/ click suspicious links

  • Never forget to set up your security answers

  • Always keep an anti-virus installed and updated on your computer/ phone

  • Never leave a site logged in

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With the world becoming more connected and internet-savvy, social networks become more vulnerable. Moreover, the system of earning through data collection is something very hazardous. Unless the social network companies see a dip in their consumer base and take actions, it is you, the user, who will have to take precautions so that the benefits of social networking reach you without any dear cost.

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