Can Playing Strategy Games Make You Smarter?

When it comes to strategy games, the question of intelligence is often invoked. Can playing strategy games make you more intelligent? This is a valid question, and one which is certainly worthy of consideration. Depending on whom you ask, responses will vary from affirmative to unsure, but there is consensus that strategy games train parts of our brain to plan ahead, understand complex interactions between components, and allow us to have a future orientation in our mindset. That being said, multiple studies have been conducted over the years, notably from Queen Mary University of London which found that various strategy-based games have the potential to improve and enhance cognitive function.

According to the study of 72 respondents, players who dabbled in 42 days – 56 days of gameplay comprising 40 hours of video games in total showed remarkable improvements in brain function. The comprehensive scientific study evaluated the intellectual effect of gaming on players. Two games were considered: The Sims, and StarCraft. The latter game is the strategy-based game and it showed significant enhancement in player performance in terms of cognitive flexibility, dexterity, processing accuracy and overall improvement. There are other examples like spin palace.

Fun Games with a Strategy Component

People who enjoy online games tend to be able to multitask more effectively, process more information simultaneously, and adapt to ever-changing situations in the game arena. This may have ‘crossover’ ability in real-life applications. For example, dyslexic students who partook in online games also showed an improved ability to perform better in reading abilities over those players who simply participated in traditional reading methodology.

The increase in the number of grey cells of gaming groups of people was significantly enhanced over non-gaming groups. This goes to show that there is certainly sufficient evidence to suggest that playing strategy games such as Cube Blast can certainly bode well for enhanced intellectual ability. It is worth pointing out what elements of strategy games make them beneficial to improved intellectual performance

Cube Blast is a Matching game phenomenon. It has been hailed as one of the best puzzle games currently on the market, in order to advance in the game you need to blast cubes while it becomes increasingly more complexwith each additional level.The fact that players must strive towards goal attainment is part and parcel of the appeal of this strategy-based game. Fun games and strategy games often overlap, especially when there are significant interactive elements in the game.

Match 3 Games is highly regarded as one of the better strategy-based fun games developers on the market. Cube Blast currently has a rating of 4.5/5 from 3,804 reviewers, and it is rated E for everyone. Various in-game features allow you to level up in this online game and advance through different stages with higher points tallies and interactive elements. These include a daily bonus, amazing boosts, and immersive audio-visuals designed to stimulate the senses and enhance brain function.

Are Video Games Really Good for You?

This question has dominated the literature for quite some time. While the jury may be out in certain quarters about the efficacy of video games on your intellectual abilities, there is no doubt that strategy-based games have definite advantages. Our cultural zeitgeist embraces video game technology across the board. Consider for example that NASA, the Navy SEALs, racecar drivers, airline pilots, and sniper teams routinely use video games to fine-tune their senses.

There is no doubt that the training acquired through strategy-based games has spillover effects into real-life applications. Airline pilots who train on simulators are far better at managing a wide range of adverse weather and landing conditions than those who don’t. In fact, it is mandatory for simulators to be used for training purposes.

Fully Immersive Fun Games Can Enhance Mental Acuity

If the folks at NASA and those who pilot planes around the world use video game technology, according to Langley Research Center, there is no doubt that the best of the best have faith in strategy-based games to target their intellectual nerve centers and enhance brain training activity. Online games are increasingly being used in addition to board games and puzzle games to train individuals to become more adept at what they are doing in their careers.

This is also true in real-life applications. Even individuals who have no inclination to become pilots and sharpshooters can certainly benefit from strategy-based games for free on the Internet. Concentration spans, multitasking abilities, and problem resolution are but a few of the many skills that video games can enhance in players.

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