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INTERVIEW: Kaitlyn Mann

Hi Kaitlyn, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

Hi!!!  I’m really great and super excited to talk to you!

Can you talk to us more about your song “Get Down”? 

Yes!  I really wanted to write a song that makes you want to move.  I had just written my single “High” from the “Make Me Crave” album which was a much more subdued, slower vibe and I wanted my next song to have much more energy and attitude.

Did any event inspire you to write this song? 

No, though I did have an image of a story in my mind as I was writing the song.  “Get Down” is about being confident and knowing who you are, letting go, and being in the moment.  It’s all about having a good time and feeling good.

Any plans to release a video for the track?

Yeah!  I’ve already been scouting locations in New York City and working on the choreography for the music video.  The music video will be shot around Times Square with neon lights, dancing, and the whole shebang.

The single comes off your new album Blood and Butterfly – what’s the story behind the title?

Actually, the single is a one-off for 2018 and is not part of an album.  I have two more singles that will be released by mid-2018, “Irresistible” and “Money”.

“Blood and the Butterfly” was released as part of the “Make Me Crave” album in September 2017 and is a dark piano ballad (I am a pianist) about love and loss, beauty and pain.  When you are in love, there is a euphoria where everything is more beautiful and vibrant.  But you know that love can always be lost and the world you live in becomes colorless and stark.

How was the recording and writing process? 

I started writing “Get Down” with just the bass line, that’s all it was, no melody or lyrics.  Just a groove in my Ableton Live software.  Sterling Campbell (David Bowie, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, B-52’s drummer) taught me how to use Ableton Live software when I was just starting out at the age of 13.  I’m 17 now.  Then I improvised the melody on top of it and decided that it needed strong, confident lyrics to fit the song. The main hook, the vocal sampled riff, came last!  It was all recorded in my home studio (aka. my dining room ????).  I programmed the drums, synths, and everything else here.  I also recorded all of the vocals at home.

You brought some special guests – did you handpick them or how did they come on board?

“Get Down” was mixed by Grammy Award mixer/engineer, Mario J. McNulty.  I have been working with Mario for awhile and he mixed most of the tracks on my album.  He is phenomenal and I love him to pieces!!  He has taught me so much.

“Get Down” features Faith Hill and Tim McGraw bassist, Paul Bushnell, and David Bowie and Suzanne Vega guitarist, Gerry Leonard.  They were introduced to me by my long-time close friend and mentor, 8-time Grammy Award winning mixer/engineer Kevin Killen.  I had been sending Kevin my songs for a long time and he was excited about my music and said that they could use some acoustic elements.

What did they brought up to the table?

OMG!  So much. They brought more than I ever dreamed of!  There is nothing quite like the sound of acoustic instruments, especially when they are played by brilliant musicians like Paul Bushnell and Gerry Leonard.  They breathed such life into “Get Down”.  Paul with his mad playing skills and Gerry with his ambient ebow and soundscapes.

What role does NYC play in your music?

I get such inspiration from living and being from NYC.  It’s more about the people.  NYC gets a bad rap, but the people here are so diverse and have such distinct personalities and depth.  I could seriously watch people here all day.  And under that tough exterior, they have such heart and conviction.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

At the time I wrote “Get Down”, I was super into the song, “Feels”, by Calvin Harris which has the “Let’s Groove” bassline.  Gotta love that.  The old stuff is sick.

Lyrically, I wanted a sexy, empowering song that makes you feel like you are enough.  There has been all of this stuff in the world about different people, ethnicities, and gender issues and I wanted “Get Down” to make everyone feel included.  Everyone can get down.  Everyone is entitled to feel confident and sexy.

Any plans to hit the road?

Well. . . I have some performances scheduled in Central Park at the Bandshell this spring and summer.  I guess that’s not really ‘hitting the road’, but I may need to take a cab ???? That’s another one of the benefits of living in NYC.

What else is happening next in Kaitlyn Mann´ world?

I’m very excited that “Get Down” is released and about the upcoming music video.  I’ve got 2 new songs that should be released over the next few months and I’m pumped to perform this spring and summer at the Bandshell in Central Park!

You can check out my livestreams on Instagram and Facebook.   If you want to see what’s happenin’ in my music world, check me out on my social media:  Instagram @kaitlynrmann and Facebook @theKaitlynMann.

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