Some Handy Tips For VR Users

Did you get a VR headset for Christmas?  Feeling sick?  Have you put the headset back in the box after suffering this aspect of VR?  Well don’t pack everything away just yet, as there are things you can do that will help this not so very flashy side of virtual reality.

Firstly, you are not alone as there are numerous people suffer from a sickness that is very much like motion sickness when they put on a headset and enter a virtual environment. This is caused by your eyes telling your brain that you are moving about when your body is feeling like it is sitting or standing still, and these conflicting inputs can cause virtual reality sickness.

Symptoms’ include dizziness, nausea, headaches, excessive salivating and sweating, and once more these symptoms can last for hours ruining your day or evening.

Not great news for those who love their games especially the top 5 games for UK players so below are a few tried and tested tips for counteracting VR sickness that you could try the next time you put on your headset.

Firstly, take small steps and although you might be tempted to get in as many hours as you can limit your playing sessions to just a few minutes at a time. In this way you can build up your tolerance to the VR experience.

If you do begin to feel uncomfortable try shutting your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Many VR games are so exciting that players forget to breath properly, and shallow breathing does no good at all.

Sharing your nasty experience with someone else who can give some verbal help can also alleviate VR sickness as does eating some ginger before you play in a VR world. Taking a ginger supplement works just as well if taken an hour or two before putting on a headset.

Making your own environment as comfortable as possible is a must do. Aiming a fan at yourself can help and as many motion sickness sufferers will tell you a cool breeze can work wonders, and it will also stop you sweating into your VR headset too.

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