Choose from a Variety of Bed Sheets to Jazz up Your Bedroom Design & Décor

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a peaceful retreat where you would relax and unwind after a day of hard work. Your bedroom décor and bedding must be planned in such a way that you could rest your exhausted body after a long day at work. The overall bedroom ambiance must be calm and peaceful and the bed must be soft, luxurious, and cozy. The overall bedroom décor must exude warmth.

Many of you are in the habit of focusing on your living room or your kitchen, the typical places where guests have easy access but you neglect your bedroom knowing hardly any guests would be there. You must not ignore your bedroom décor as you spend one-third of your entire life in your bedroom. You ought to make it a haven of peace, and ultimate relaxation. Do you use beautiful and cozy bed sheets? Are they comfortable enough for a good sleep at night? Your bed sheets should be of top quality. Today you have a plethora of bed sheets to choose from but opt for something ultra-soft and really comfortable as you would be spending hours, days, and even weeks on that bed sheet.

Your overall bedroom décor would be focusing mostly on your bed. Your choice of linen or bed sheets would surely reflect your personality, attitude, and lifestyle. Today, so many types of bed sheets in different fabrics and fibers are available in the market that shopping for bed sheets could be a pretty challenging proposition. Here are some of the basic varieties to choose from.

Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are very nice and comfortable and so they are used widely all over the world. They are famous because of their breathability, as well as, resilience. They require easy maintenance. They are truly comfortable and reasonably priced. There could be a few variants in cotton bedspreads.

  • Upland cotton is widely cultivated all over the world. It does not have extra-long fibers so it does not promise to be super-soft.

  • Egyptian cotton is truly cozy and luxurious and feels very soft and comfortable. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are known for their premium quality. Egyptian cotton boasts of extra-long fibers that would really make the bed sheets cozy and everybody’s hot favorite choice.

  • Micro is truly fine cotton and is quite durable. It boasts of extra-long staple fibers which actually makes the bedspread absorbent and ultra-soft.

  • Pima is known worldwide for its inherent sheen and incredible softness. Pima is supposed to be comprised of medium to very long staple fibers that give the bedspreads the ideal strength and robustness.

Your bed sheets would look nice and neat provided you are using a good and supportive mattress as a base. Your bed should be done up in layers for creating a warm and welcoming feel. You must choose the right mattress that promotes good health and proper sleep. Browse through memory foam talk reviews to learn more.

Silk Bed Sheets

Silk bed sheets are beautiful with sheen of their own. They are known for their luxurious feel and ultra-softness. They are supposed to be made from 100 percent pure silk which is obtained from silkworms. Silk bed sheets are exorbitantly priced because they make a style statement and they are hypoallergenic too. They look really striking and they add an element of opulence to your overall bedroom décor.

Flannel Bed Sheets

Flannel bed sheets are excellent for use in the winter months. Flannel is supposed to be a cotton material that is combed up for fluffing the fibers.

Tencel Bed Sheets

Tencel bed sheets are manufactured from the eucalyptus tree’s wood pulp. They are soft to feel and long-lasting. They could be good for constant use. They are eco-friendly and have inherent anti-microbial properties.


Irrespective of the type of bedspread you choose, you need to keep in mind that they should be treated well and maintained properly. It is best to avoid fabric softeners as they would end up covering the material with a harmful chemical coating that would ultimately damage your bed sheet. The best way to make your bed sheets last longer is by washing them with lukewarm water and making sure that they are not dried on high heat.

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