SINGLE REVIEW: Nothing by Vessbroz Ft Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis’ work with the Malaysian production duo Vessbroz is resulting in a level of quality that, in all honesty, isn’t customary in the pop and EDM realm. Davis’ lyrical content, especially, reaches far beyond the usual reach of these sort of songs and brings an idiosyncratic voice to bear reflective of his artistic ambitions. Davis isn’t one of those promising young performers who came to music during their junior high school years or beyond; instead, he’s been consumed with a passion for performance and creation since nearly birth and the level of devotion she’s shown towards sharpening his skills is on full display with this song. “Nothing” promises that the album coming soon, a release with massive contributions from Davis, will be one of 2018’s most notable successes. It’s a true achievement, both artistically and in terms of entertainment value.

Vessbroz distinguish themselves from the EDM pack thanks to intelligent arrangements that bring in some surprising elements. We’re quickly introduced to acoustic guitar underpinning this song and the six string work is quite melodic without ever stealing the spotlight from what is going on around it. It also has a slightly exotic flavor, Latin or even flamenco inspired, and the suggestions of such accents make the playing stand out more in the mix. It contrasts well with Kyle Davis’ lyrical content as he often chooses very percussive words and structures the vocal melody in such a way that it provides a near counterpoint for the guitar. The writing for this song is very serious and doesn’t cheapen its subject, but Davis maintains a tempered approach that never makes it too much of a drag for the listener. His writing has been referred to with the adjective “dark” and it certainly is within the context of EDM music, but he writes more with maturity than any grim sense of drama.

The song runs just a little under four minutes in length but feels much shorter. Vessbroz and Davis’ artistic decisions, alike, encourage that feeling thanks to intense focus they bring to the song’s individual parts. Davis’ handling of the song’s vocal melody is a truly ear-popping display of what a talented vocalist can accomplish and remains considered throughout despite the considerable fireworks he generates. There’s never any sense he’s trying to overshadow the music, but you can’t help but focus on what Davis is doing as he brings in vocal overdubs for harmony that illustrate his range and effective emoting in any style. Few vocalists ever come along who are this talented and “Nothing” provides him with an excellent showcase. He takes advantage of that while still playing to the song, strengthening everything already good around him, and adds a surplus of energy to the musical performance that takes this song places you could scarcely imagine in his absence. Vessbroz and Kyle Davis have crafted a memorable single with “Nothing” and it gets the push for their new album off with a powerful start.



by Mike Yoder

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