How to Overcome Common Challenges of Diabetes Control

Diabetes is a disease that has many ramifications for your physical health and long life. Since there is no cure for diabetes, all you can do is to try and manage it. If you are successful, as many people are, you will end up feeling far better, have significantly more energy, and run a far reduced risk of a host of medical complications. Here’s what you should do to keep your blood sugar level under control:

Conduct Random Blood Sugar Checks

Since control over diabetes is essentially all about managing your blood sugar level, your doctor will prescribe a schedule for testing the blood sugar level in addition to medicines. Apart from testing at the scheduled times, you should also conduct the test at random at different times on various days so that you know that your sugar level is under control uniformly throughout the day and not just at the set times. If you see spikes or really low readings in the test figures, you will know that you have got to take appropriate action.

Consider Other Indicators

There are other tests that are recommended in addition to blood sugar tests that yield readings as on a particular day. The A1C test measures the average level of blood sugar over a period of three months, which rules out the effect of spikes and dips. Normally, your doctor will also advise you to monitor your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

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Keep Track of Your Carb Intake

Since most carbs are digested very easily they can send your sugar level shooting up, which is why you need to monitor them well. You have to limit your carbs consumption; males require 45-60 grams, and females 35-45 grams per meal; that’s about a cup of pasta or rice. Try to have carbs that have more fiber content as that will leave you feeling fuller and also get digested more slowly. Including proteins in the form of meat or even nuts can provide more bulk to your meals. Sugar-free products are not necessarily free of carbs, so be careful.

Consider Exercise to Be another Medicine

Excess body weight in diabetics is a cause of concern as it makes the organs work much more and in a situation where the presence of excessive blood sugar is weakening the efficiency of the organs, the effect can be pretty bad. Hence, every diabetic is advised to lose weight by exercising and diet control. It is not necessary for you to work out in a gym; even activities like brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc. can be effective. Further, when you exercise endorphins get released into the bloodstream and help to enhance your mood.


Diabetes affects a lot many body organs, and it can be impossible for a general practitioner to handle all complications. You, therefore, need to have an expert panel of specialists at your disposal for proper care. Also, get family and friends involved so that you can get their support.

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