Men’s Wedding Bands and Women’s Wedding Rings – Some of the Top Myths Debunked

Choosing an engagement ring should be very easy but like many things in life, the actual process can be quite difficult to negotiate. There are literally thousands of options to sift through, and everyone you ask or even those whom you don’t, seem to have their own suggestions about what you should pick. On top of that, there are quite a few myths about buying diamond engagement rings that can lead you astray. Be careful not to believe in the following myths:

The Ring Should Cost At Least Two or Three Months’ Salary

Wedding rings are to be found in every price range but there is a common belief that you should spend at least two to three months’ salary when you are out to buy one. However, the real truth behind this widespread belief is a DeBeers marketing campaign designed to increase customer spends and the profits of the industry. There is absolutely no reason for you to heed this rule-of-thumb and you should only spend what that you are comfortable with. Diamond engagement rings or for that matter any other type of wedding rings can be found at many price points; a tungsten ring that looks classy can be bought for just a few dollars while a five-carat diamond ring may set you back by a few hundred thousand dollars. Also buy get name jewelry at best price.

The Larger the Diamond the Better It Is

Most men are inclined to think that all women desire to have large diamonds on their fingers. In our contemporary society, bigger the better is not an unfamiliar concept but it needs to be appreciated that the size of the diamond on the ring has no relationship with how much a man loves his wife-to-be. In fact, with minimalism becoming increasingly popular, many women also don’t want to flash very large stones on their fingers. There are also a number of workplaces and professions like nursing that don’t even allow flashy rings while on the job. You really need to make sure that the ring you buy suits the lifestyle and the personality of the wearer. Visit to choose from a wide range of very elegant and sophisticated yet affordable wedding rings.

It’s Bad Luck to Use Pre-Owned Diamonds

Since diamonds do not depreciate fast, it is very common for people to sell off their old diamonds to jewelers who make new stuff with them. There is a belief that using these diamonds brings bad luck to the newlyweds. That it is completely fabricated story is very well proven by countless couples whose marriages continue to flourish even when their wedding rings feature pre-owned diamonds. Using old diamonds can be a great way of stretching your budget further.


When buying rings for your engagement or wedding, you should pay heed to your own sensibilities and the money you can afford. Try to buy something that is of better quality rather than a ring that is showy but will not hold its value well. Never pay attention to myths, however many people tell you to abide by them.


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