It is within the first seconds of the ferociously addictive new single called “Jaded” from Mountain View, CA’s own, Crow Eats Man, that you get excited about the journey you are about to take. The grand-standing, badass guitars from Reku Heims and Elliot Hu are just sick! but in a very good way. It’s Hard-Rock with an alternative edge, and as far as introductions go, Crow Eats Man Nails the audition.

We are currently enjoying a revival of the 90’s sound, and that opens the door wide-open for Crow Eats Man to step on through. Their music does not attempt to hide their influences, in fact, it is far more a celebration of their inspirations than anything else. We can hear the effects of Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine and more, and all the while the band respectfully crafts each song with their own creative instincts.

Moving from one song to the other on this powerful and emotionally driven EP, you could easily make a defence for why each, and every, song deserves it’s time as the lead single, honestly, these tracks come in and go straight for the throat, sinking their groovy teeth in further as every exciting song progresses.

Sebastian Sanchez provides the vocals that are reminiscent of Layne Staley meets Jack White, and there is no denying the power of this successful merger.

Nick Coleman is all about the thunderous-driving bass-lines. Behind every song that is getting crushed by truly aggressive guitars, Nick holds his own by providing thick bass-lines that push every song along the dark and heavy tracks on which they tread.

Richard Barnes is an absolute beast on the drums! He is a tactician when it comes to how he serves each track on this loud EP. When you reach the song called “Before Sunday”, you can feel the aggression in every hit Richard Barnes makes; even the slower moments just feel plain devious.

I can tell that this is a band that is not short on their creative chemistry, and it is more surprising that we are looking at an EP rather than a full-blown album; but, with that being said, I am sure they will continue to create powerfully addictive songs that force you to turn the volume up past ten!

If you are a fan of Hard-Rock, Alternative, the 90’s vibe, and music that demands to be turned up loud, then look no further than what Crow Eats Man has-to offer, and check them out today!

Crow Eats Man can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and their Official Website.

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