CD REVIEW: “17 Days (The Hood Mix)” by RONNUE

“17 Days (The Hood Mix)” by Ronnue, is a take on the Prince song “17 Days,” so it’s based around that with some additional rapping and his extraordinary mixing skills for a respectful and tastefully- recorded cover. He started out producing music for local Seattle and Atlanta artists. Frustrated with the current state of music, he decided to come from behind the scenes and record and produce his debut album “Introduction to Retro -Funk”. His style is influenced from music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s combined with today’s beats. He’s joined on this track by Figus and Roc Phizzle, both who add spot on vocals.

If you start by knowing the Prince track, you’re already anticipating something good, but what he did with it is another story. This is a completely rearranged version with a boatload of bells and whistles that keep it afloat without ever weighing it down. Ronnue puts his signature stamp all over what most consider a classic track, and that’s why his retro style, which is mostly 80s and 90s, gets a lot of the credit. Soul, R&B and funk were rooted in the 70s, and he even gets down that far into it with the excellent singing by all, which is laced with some harder hip hop to modernize it in his own way.

It starts off with a heavy bass and goes right into the first set of rapping, and stuff like “Little Red Corvette” references are thrown in for major significance. Then the Prince words follow and Ronnue is undeniably fantastic at how he goes about it. Before he goes into the chorus, you’re swaying to the beat. It’s an almost immediate impact on the senses, and all done very well. The background singers make the whole thing complete, with Figus and Roc Phizzle helping Ronnue sound all the better as they share vocal duties. But they sound best when all three are in harmony together.

The raps and the Prince words go well together, but as mentioned when they all come together and just sing to the percussion it jumps to another level. The way they bring it around to something new without leaving the bones of the track bare, is done with absolute precision. “Let the rain fall down’ as prince so eloquently stated in the original song, makes for a hypnotic memory and it can get anyone who knows it, and Ronnue made sure to nail that home and then some. What he did with it can be filed under justice.

Growing up on Prince was easy, so it makes for an easy listen. But if you haven’t, it’s reinvented for what it’s worth to keep a hook on it and further exposes Ronnue as an artist who’s usually directing and producing others. And hopefully it brings more people around to his album with a whole lot of old school funk on it for those who like to dance and kick it to the beats he’s slamming out. I would expect more from where he’s standing, because this is an artist who should be out there doing it in his own right, and “17 Days (The Hood Mix) is solid proof of it.



by Alan Foster

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