INTERVIEW: 7 Minute Martians

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Amazing, thank you so much for having us.

Can you talk to us more about your song “Hold On”?

Wil – My favorite song on the record. It’s a love song about “the one”. I think everybody has that one they truly love and adore, that’s more significant above all others. That love is undying. There’s turmoil, insecurity, mistakes and fear along the way, but in spite of all that you hold onto them and come out the other side as one.

Did any event inspire you to write this song?

Wil – Yeah, a big one. I was with this amazing girl for a few years and it didn’t end well. Months went by and somehow we got back together. I was so happy about it, because I thought she was the one. I thought “I gotta write a song about this” you know? I wanted it to be uplifting and hopeful, have a lot of energy and be super melodic. It took 3 days to write and I wrote it just like it plays, part by part from beginning to end.

Any plans to release a video for the track?

Wil – Yeah, we’re in the middle of drafting for it right now, actually. It’s going to be fun.

The single comes off your new album Curious – what’s the story behind the title?

Wil – It’s a nod to the Mars rover Curiosity. That event is also how we found our name. I wanted our name to be related to space exploration and at the time Curiosity had just landed on Mars. I read on NASA’s website that it took 7 minutes to descend from the top of the atmosphere to the surface. The communication was also on a delay. Mission Control didn’t know if the landing was successful for a few minutes after. 7 Minute Martians just came to me. I thought it was perfect and Teddy loved it too.

Ted- We talk about extraterrestrial life all the time. We’re curious about what’s out there. We’re curious to see where life and our music can take us. So it’s sort of all things encompassing our lives currently.

How was the recording and writing process?

Wil – Well the writing and recording took awhile. We both have full-time jobs and work a lot. We’d get together and write just about everyday after work, and sort of flush out 1-2 songs at a time. Ted will write songs beginning to end and so will I. So it’s a bit of writing on our own and writing together. Recording is a different kind of monster though and it’s expensive. We had to save quite a bit for this record. Our producer and engineer, Eric Tuffendsam, is in high demand so we had to schedule sessions months in advance. It took just over a year to finish. And I actually spent all my paid vacation days recording for the album, but it’s cool, I was doing what I love. Maybe I‘ll catch some r&r this vacation.

How has Blink 182 and Sum-41 influenced your music?

Wil – Both Blink and Sum inspired a new culture of teenagers living life to the fullest, saying “fuck the rules”, having fun and doing what they wanted. They had the punk rock ethos in a super catchy formula but without Mohawks, studded this-and-that, and kind of left sociopolitical themes out of the picture. I think that made it more universal and the messages still resonated about just breaking arbitrary rules, having fun and being a kid. The songs geared towards romantic relationships really hit home too, whether it was about being in love or about a relationship gone south.

Ted – They never cared about what people thought of them. They did what they wanted. People called them posers and boy bands but they didn’t give a shit. They stayed true to themselves. We loved that about them. We loved the fast, melodic energy they had and their softer sides too.

Wil – Jerry Finn had a lot to do with their sound too. He’s made such great records. Sadly, we’ll never have the chance to work with him… But I think we were also drawn to the fact that Blink and Sum weren’t the best musicians and still wrote catchy songs. It’s like “oh, we don’t have to be incredible guitar players or singers to write good songs? Cool!” But you gotta have a good drummer though, that’s why we got Nick.

What role does Cincinnati play in your writing?

Wil – I love Cincinnati, you know, I met my best friends in Cincinnati, I made great memories, but I’m just really drawn to the aesthetic of the west coast. I think that’s a more nurturing environment for me. I love the beach and the mountains and Cincinnati doesn’t have those. There’s a song on our new album called Lost & Unfound and it’s about us leaving. You know, the desire to leave your hometown, and just evolve as a person. So, yeah I definitely have a longing to leave Cincinnati and it has come out in the writing.

Ted – Cincinnati is where my heart is but I definitely want to explore other cities and see what they have to offer. I’d love to live in anywhere in California or Colorado.

What aspect of curiosity did you get to explore on this record?

Wil – Well, I think it’s a curious thing in general when you sit down to write a song about your experiences, whatever they are. The curiosity comes from not knowing how it’s going to sound when it’s done. Whether it’s a song or an album. With Curious I had a vision of how it was going to sound in my head and it turned out completely different. I think that’s a commonality with art in general. It almost never turns out like you imagined, for better or worse. With Eric Tuffendsam producing with me we were able to nurture our curiosity in the writing process by collaborating ideas. Every song there were multiple moments where one of us said “What about this? Try this!” It was both frustrating and fun. Eric is just an incredible person and musician.

Any plans to hit the road?

Wil – We do have plans to tour and promote Curious. We have some things to figure out first, but we’re very excited to get out there and meet new friends and enjoy playing music. You know, there’s just no better feeling than playing a show, for me. That’s when I’m happiest, is playing music with my best friends.

What else is happening next in 7 Minute Martians´ world?

Wil – Well, like I said we’re currently mapping out a summer tour, we have some music videos in the works which is always a good time. We’ve also been doing a lot of writing. You know, the writing kind of slowed down a bit with recording the album, organizing the release, and rehearsing for tour; so it’s been fun working on new tunes. The future is looking bright for the band so far and we’re stoked.


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