Celebrities That Have No Housekeepers

It is common to think that when it comes to Hollywood and celebrities, the most famous superstars that earn millions start to spend money on buying huge apartments in several countries, extremely expensive cars, and keep a team of housekeepers to satisfy their needs. However, that is not always true; some celebrities continue to live as common middle class representatives.

They go shopping for groceries, cook meals and repair their vehicles on their own. By the way, it is hard to repair a car on your own if you do not have a proper manual for your model, so you can download one online or get mailed from a website like repairsadviser.com especially if you want to save couple of thousands of bucks on small or bigger repairs. Many celebrities, consequently, really try to do everything on their own, at least what is connected to everyday housekeeping.


Kristen Bell

According to the last reports, Kristen earns more than 10 million dollars which means she can at least afford buying groceries from the most elite stores. However, she doesn’t do this. As she has stated, she always looks for coupons that offer special discounts and her consumer choice is mostly based on price.

Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser is known for his memorable play in the Mad Men, AMC series and his estimated yearly income is almost 1 million dollars. Yet, he did not buy a huge cottage on the oceanic shore, instead he decided to make repair in his old one-bedroom apartment and he claims he did that as an investment planning to sell an apartment for the higher price in future when he moves out.

Such an approach to the real estate shows that Vincent is more alike to the middle class than a celebrity.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex and the City remains to be one of most popular series on the television ever launched and of course it would not be surprising if one of the main characters of the series who earns more than 90 million dollars would buy and wear only elite-class designer clothes. However, she doesn’t. In her own words, she usually wears hand-me-down clothes usually just because that’s how it all works in her family for years.

Mick Jagger

Surely if you would like to know who is one of the most famous and rich rockstars of the past years the name of Mick Jagger would be in the TOP-10 list. However, the Rolling Stones star is not fond of wasting millions or even thousands of dollars on common things like food, travel, etc.

He just says that it is all about the education he got – it is abnormal for people of his generation to waste money for nothing and if there is something broken he would prefer to repair it rather than throw away and replace with the new one.


Jennifer Lawrence

The young star that has already managed to win Oscar and earns tens of millions of dollars claims that her life did not change dramatically after she became famous when it comes to spendings. She still purchases all necessary things on her own, she did not hire any housekeepers or assistants and she did not move to the huge mansion as she preferred to stay in her old apartment.

Jay Leno

A famous comedian and TV talk show moderator is very accurate when it comes to spendings. He has a very reasonable money policy and instead of wasting all he earns he keeps most of the funds in the bank, without wasting it on housekeepers.


As you can see, being a famous musician, actor or comedian doesn’t mean the person has to change his life dramatically, and although most of the new celebrities become crazy when spending money, there are still many people that doesn’t pay much attention to that.

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