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Ocean's 8

Ocean’s 8 New Trailer Proves To Be A Big Hit For The Saga

A while back I wrote an article on the first look at the Ocean’s 11 spinoff, and how I was hoping this would not become another failure not only for the studio or the cast, but the whole “Girl’s spin” of successful films.

This whole “phenomenon” kicked off with the Paul Feig’s Ghostbuster starring Melissa McCarthy, Kirsten Wiig and few others. The movie itself eventually proved to be very divisive with many leading towards their initial negative reaction they had from the beginning.

So there was a high (and negative) stake the studio was betting on while moving on with this new film.

There were a few PROs right from the get-go as Ghostbuster was produced by Sony (which have had an uneven year), while Ocean’s 8 is actually from Warner Bros (the second highest grossing studio). Also this new film has the original director from the previous installments, Steven Soderbergh, as their producer. And last, but not least, the cast is quite more interesting with the always charming Sandra Bullock leading the team, alongside Cate Blanchett, who has proven her comedic chops on the big screen last November in Thor: Ragnarok.

The set up change was a welcoming update, as many fans of the original were getting tired with the whole casino thing. Also, when you see the character’s pic and fashion style, they will hands down don’t go unnoticed in a casino or sport betting at a horse racing or football team at some arena. Their whole wardrobe style seem rather appropriate for a fashion show.

With all that being said, the trailer caught my attention right from the beginning. The way how the frame starts to close down as other scenes start showing up on the empty sides, made it look very Soderbergh-ish and matched well with the whole heist theme. The character’s introduction was also well edited, with the audience understanding and getting to know every member in a straightforward way rather than in a very-the-top manner as in other trailers. The comedic timing also seems to be on point and somewhat familiar to the fans of the previous installments.

In the end, we will have to wait for the whole movie and hoping it does get to meet our expectations, and this isn’t just one of those scenarios where the trailer is great but the film doesn’t match that greatness.

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  1. I remember the whole movie about Ocean’s friends. I love this series of films. The first film I saw when I was still a student and worked as a freelancer for essays online . The news that the spin-off goes to the film I learned almost immediately. If you look at the cast, then the film should be very cool. Especially George Clooney will be in the role of the producer of the film. I hope they will be able to preserve the film’s past atmosphere and not spoil it with modern jokes.

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