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SINGLE REVIEW: Forget About Yesterday by Ajay Mathur

Ajay Mathur creates an entirely original sound with this single that has a refreshing and upbeat feel. The sound of the song is in direct contrast with the uncomfortable image that is on the single cover. The yellow hues that it contains and the slouched posture of the person featured on the cover are meant to create the negative feel; however the music is entirely upbeat and positive. This is an effective way of doing such an upbeat song. The pairing is a way of acknowledging the negative feelings which the person is seeking relief for while still overcoming those feeling with positive vibes. The photo is displaying frustrated emotions and the single is meant to help you wash them away with happy feelings.

Forget About Yesterday is a song which has a very intriguing cover. This image draws listeners in and makes them want to know what sort of music is behind the image. The color tone of the photo is yellow which tends to make people feel uncomfortable. This coloring is deliberate as it works to enhance the subject matter of the photo. The subject matter is a man with accumulating stubble featured seated on the floor with a distraught facial expression in a hunched almost fetal-like position. He is sitting in a corner his hair a mess and in a grey sweatshirt. He is holding a unicorn plush. There are additional features in the background. One of those additional features is a card that says, “It sucks to be you!” The note is accompanied by generic photos of people who are blurry. The title of the single is on the left, stacked, with purple lettering. Ajay Mathur’s name is on the bottom right corner in capital letters.

The song starts with some mixed instrumentals, the most notable being the harmonica. Mathur also uses interesting instruments like the mouth harp and infused Indian sounds. Ajay Mathur was born in India and lives in Switzerland.  The song is a feel good piece with fun sounds, instructing the listener to lose the stress. He reaffirms the vibe created by the sound with lyrics like, “stop thinking about tomorrow, and forget about yesterday.” Other great lines from the song are, “when you feel like red is green,” and “sun feels like rain.” These statements are very clear, not cliché and sound great in the song.

Happiness radiates from both the sound and the lyrics of the song. The cover of the single has an almost opposite uncomfortable feeling. The cover is like the feeling that you start off with before listening to the music. The music has a sound which radiates with fun and warmth. The lyrics are real and make the happiness in the music clearer. Ajay’s music is intense and inviting. He is an artist with true intent and a thoughtful process. He ties together the cover of the single and the music in such an intricate manner and fashion, it makes for a lot of interpretation and grander thinking.

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by Max Peterson

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