BING, Masked Superstar from China, Exudes Confidence in Debut Single “Hanging On”

After achieving celebrity status in her native land of China, BING has made it her mission to share her music with the western world. This began in early December, with the premiere of her debut single “Hanging On”, an emotional roller coaster that properly showcases BING’s talents as a vocalist.

Expertly mixing modern production and EDM influence with recognizably Asian sounds, BING is able to craft a sonic landscape that’s fresh, yet authentic. BING’s voice suits the song perfectly, the backing instrumental serving as an amplifier to BING’s emotionally-charged performance.

Check out the song below, and see why everyone is so excited about BING. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to see what BING has in store for the future.

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