Tips For Writing The Best Emails For Recruiting Students

A stunning first impression is a crucial lesson taught to us as from a young age. This also applies to the Admissions officers who have to master the art of writing stellar cold emails to attract students to their institutions. It is evident that student recruitment is fundamental to education institutions hence it should be their primary objective.

In this very day and age where social media has taken over our lives, a lot of emphasis has been placed on social media. More than 2 million marketers regularly use Facebook for advertising. So, does this mean that email marketing days are over? For an institution to attain any form of response, it needs to step up and find new tactics to capture the attention and response of prospective students.

Here are several tips on how to write an effective recruitment email that will make the student want to look twice at it:

Emphasis Should Go On The Subject Line

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The subject line is the first thing that the reader will see


The subject line is the first thing that the prospective student will see; make it more about them, to get their attention. It should also contain the most substantial element of the institution to trigger the curiosity of the student; this is the line that decides whether they will continue reading the email or not. If you don’t pique their interest here, chances are that your email won’t be read.

Each Email Should Be Personal

We all feel important when we’re recognized as individuals. Phrases like “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam” should be a complete No No. Address your prospects by their names and correct titles as no one wants to feel like a random person. Also, make sure that you spell their names correctly as some people are sensitive to such details.

Keep It Short

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Most of your readers will get your email on their smartphones, so keep it short!


Pick on the vital points that need to be passed across and get to the point as quickly as possible to hold on their attention. With there being more than 223 million smartphone users in the US alone in 2017, it is no surprise that most of the emails nowadays are read on these devices. However, smartphones are also a treasure trove of distractions and no one wants to have a lengthy email to go through on the phone. So, keep the sentences short to make it easy for your readers to skim the email.

Have a Clear-Cut Goal

Before you start on your keyboard, make sure that you know exactly what you want to achieve by writing the email in mind. Also, strive to put this down precisely. Have a great caption in the beginning and a call to action at the end to keep them hooked. You could hire a professional writer who knows just how to write a conclusion that will push the reader to action.

All your goals should be laid out in an orderly manner to come out as a reputable institution. Having an outline beforehand will help you with this.

Check Your Grammar

As you’re not representing yourself but an institution, take time to check on the grammar as no one would be attracted to an institution that cannot get their grammar right. Make use of some of the grammar search engines such as Grammarly to check your spelling and tenses. If you’re having difficulties with this, you could always seek the services of a professional writer.

Be Different

Think outside of the box

Think outside the box


We all have our distinctive abilities and capabilities, pick out the outstanding qualities that are being offered by the institution, key specializations that give the institution its sense of uniqueness.

Your prospects are obviously receiving such emails from other schools, so what would make them consider you and not your competition? Keep off the cliché methods such as attaching a million brochures and hitting the send button. Don’t be afraid to name drop a few alumni who have gone on to fare well in life; this is always a sure way to attract students.


Write a follow up email and another if need be to show your interest and the spirit of not giving up. It is proven that writing persistent emails always get feedback. There is a big difference between being persistence and annoying, the difference should be mastered.

Sound Natural

Be yourself and sound approachable, this will make them feel like they already have an ally at the institution and will trigger a response. An auto-generated computer email has low connective to anyone and will generate very few responses if any at all. Use polite language that does not come off as inappropriate or forced.

Do Your Research

Search through their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and all the available engines that can make you have a true sense of whom they are. With the proper details on the individual, it then becomes easy to get their interest and know exactly what to offer. Information is power and with a thorough search, it becomes easy to know their strength and weaknesses. This will also enable you to get some unique selling points that would capture their attention.


It all boils down to proper marketing by research and brainy packaging. By using the above tips, you will be guaranteed to get the student’s attention and response, leaving the students with an impression that is favorable!

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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