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9 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

Being a college student has its fair share of problems. Many students are bombarded with many things such as coursework, a social life, family life, recreation, and others job issues. This makes it hard for them to juggle between activities. However, most students have found a way to solve some of these problems with technology. It has been established that students aged 18 to 24 years spend the most time on apps in the US. With a little bit of coding, some students have come up with various apps that help them solve the different problems they face as students.

This article will consider some 9 apps that every college student shouldn’t live without.

  1. PhotoMath

Math can be intimidating; but not with PhotoMath

(Source: https://pixabay.com/en/math-blackboard-education-classroom-1547018/)

By the mere mention of math, some people’s minds switch off. It’s true that Math is not everyone’s piece of cake. It is arguably one of the hardest subjects in college. Even so, students have devised a way to ease the process of solving math equations with just the use of their smartphone camera. This app uses the phone camera to read and solve mathematical expressions. How cool is that?

The app even goes further to explain the process of solving the equation step by step at just the convenience of the smartphone.

  1. Dropbox

Data loss is as dreadful as meeting a cobra. Every student can relate to this especially when their coursework and notes are involved. But, sometimes the inevitable happens and data is lost.

However, there always seems to be an innovation for each problem. Dropbox is an app that can let you sigh with relief when storing documents. This app lets you upload documents and also store them for future retrieval. The good thing about it is that you can upload the documents from virtually any device and you can access them from anywhere. The app also lets you sync your files across multiple devices. If you want to access your files, all you need is an internet connection, and you’ll have them on the go.

  1. Scribd

Books in Black Wooden Book Shelf

A library on the move

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Being a college student means that you will have to undertake research using various study materials such as books. However, going to the library is becoming overrated. For some, the distance that they need to cover to access a library is quite large. In light of this, an app was formed to offer convenience for all those who need books for their studies. Scribd is basically an online library that enables you to get your study material from anywhere across the world. The books in this library are shared all over the world. The app lets you organize your library according to your own reading preferences.

  1. EasyBib

Have you ever written an essay with so much zeal only to get stuck when writing the bibliography and citations? Well, these are the sentiments of most students. By virtue of being in college, most of the work that students do is normally academic in nature and thus items such as references and citations are ever present.

EasyBib is an app that helps students in creating those citations and references easily. It does so swiftly. It only needs one to enter the title of the book, and then they will get the citation in no time. You can use this app together with paperwriters.org to have a better writing experience

  1. do

Stickies, Post-It, List, Business, Career, Start Up

You can organize your affairs with Any.do

(Source: https://pixabay.com/en/stickies-post-it-list-business-2852375/)

Most students tend to have more on their plate. At times, it may be hard for them to organize their affairs. However, with the Any.do app; they can be able to organize their affairs well. The app enables one to create to-do lists that can be synchronized across multiple devices. The interface of the app is touch interactive and supports voice too. It enables students to mark completed tasks, prioritize and also rearrange tasks when the need arises.

  1. Mint

cash, coins, money

Money always seems to be scarce in college

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cash-coins-money-pattern-259165/)

Well, the being broke as a college student is sure real! Everyone who has passed through college can relate to this phase of life where money seemed to be a scarce commodity. College students normally have limited money or income to finance their ever-growing list of expenses. If left unchecked, the students can end up in a sorry financial state.

The Mint app enables students to budget their limited finances. The app links to their bank accounts to enable them to track their spending. It also has the utility of setting reminders for certain accrued bills to avoid late payments.

  1. TripAdvisor

For those students that are participating in exchange programs or have just gotten the opportunity to travel, TripAdvisor is a great app to utilize. It enables such students to get vital information concerning the local culture, local cuisines, restaurants and also entertainment spots. It literally acts as a guide to anyone traveling to a new place.

  1. Friendsy

People, Girls, Women, Students, Friends, Man, Guy

You can get in touch with your social life with Friendsy

(Source: https://pixabay.com/en/people-girls-women-students-2557396/)

College life can at times be demanding. However, it doesn’t mean that your social life has to suffer. An estimated 92% of students go online daily for activities including socializing. Friendsy is an app that has been used in helping students socialize with college students that are near them. It is similar to tinder though one would require the .edu suffix to log in.

  1. SelfControl

blur, browser, close-up

Control your online distractions with SelfControl

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blur-browser-close-up-connection-479359/)

This app is for those students who have developed procrastination especially when the internet influences it. If certain websites distract you from listening to a lecture or studying, then this app helps you block them for a specified period.


These nine apps should be on the list of every college student as a must have. They have practical value in solving some of the problems that students face. Try them out today!

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