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5 Reasons Why Blogging Can Make You A Better Academic Writer

Academics have been advised to blog more since they can communicate their research more efficiently. Blogs are a platform for the public to engage more since they enhance impact. Moreover, blogs can direct readers to actual academic publications. Blogging is an important addition to the normal academic writing and publications done by scholars.

In this article, we will consider five why engaging in blog writing will improve your academic writing skills:

  1. Blogging Directs You to Your Audience

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Blogging directs you to your readers

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No one has to go through a blog post. When you’re to write a blog post, you have to keep in mind those who will probably be interested in it, how you’ll attract their interest and what you may need to write that will keep them glued till the end. It is very easy for a reader to ignore your post if it isn’t interesting to them.

Therefore, to keep your readers glued, you need to figure out their expectations. Blogs enable you to think and know more about your readers in ways that most academic writings won’t. Blog posts have information about the number of individuals who have clicked on and read a post. Bloggers can, therefore, monitor the posts that are likely to be read, by whom and where.

  1. Blogging Enables You to Become More Confident

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You become a more confident academic writer with blogging

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When you write more, you’ll become less anxious about it. You will be able to view writing as more of a craft, which needs to be practiced. Blog posts are good platforms to do this.

As you get used to seeing your works published, you become more at ease with the idea of your work being out there in public. While you may not see yourself as a ‘writer’ just yet, you might be able to see more clearly how writing is crucial to academia and how you can be part of it.

Blogging can thus assist academic writers to take up a slot in what is called the scriptural economy and to feel more certain about their ability to make a point clearly and in a sophisticated manner.

  1. Blogging Enables You to Go Straight to The Point

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A blog post is an ideal place to talk about one thing

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Blogs are not like essays where you write a lot of things. It’s not possible to introduce many ideas and make numerous points in a post of like 1,000 words or less. A blog post is a perfect place to discuss one thing. Most academic writings depend on the writer having a point to make and arguing it all through, for instance, the journal article. If you write a journal article with many points and ideas, there is a high chance that it will be rejected. So it is better to get used to writing about one idea in a blog and consistently do it. This will help you when it comes to academic writing, even if the layout is different. You can get help in this on various online platforms such as theessaywriter.net.

  1. You Can Experiment With Different Forms of Writing With Blogging

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With a blog, you can try out different kinds of writing

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One blog can have different types of posts. While some bloggers prefer to utilize the same format for posts, others prefer to use different kinds. Since there are no rules when it comes to blogs, bloggers have the freedom to do whatever they want, while at the same time remembering their readers.

A blog may be the ideal platform to experiment with a thick description or even a short review. The content might take a literary form abstract like a letter. Moreover, a blogger can incorporate pictures, videos, and audio in their posts. The best part of this all is the feedback you’ll get from your readers. Statistics indicate the 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts, that’s a whole load of people to experiment on and determine what works and what doesn’t!

  1. Blogging Requires You to Be Concise

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Bloggers have to make their point economically

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Since most blogs are short, bloggers have to make their point economically. Your audience won’t bother if your post goes on and on if it offers numerous examples and references as does the more typical academic content. For brevity purposes, bloggers frequently utilize lists and bullet points or write short paragraphs that quickly take a reader through the post.

However, being concise isn’t simply useful for blogging; it is additionally required for instance in writing abstracts and in giving presentations. Therefore, getting to know how to say something, in brief, will be beneficial in the scholarly world at some point.


As much as blogging is not considered academic, the writing skills required to consistently create captivating blog posts can be used in academic writing. So, if you are a student writing articles and blog posts, keep it up and see your academic writing improve. For academic writers, don’t scoff at writing for blogs, it can make you better in your craft!

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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