INTERVIEW: Country/Americana singer-songwriter Dallas Moore

Hi Dallas, welcome to VENTS! How has your 2017 been? What are you up to right now?

2017 has been a Helluva ride and one of the best years of my life. My daughter Victory Lee Moore was born on June 14th, we won Outlaw Group Of The Year at the 2017 Ameripolitan Music Awards in Austin, Texas, hooked up with Dean Miller to record the Mr. Honky Tonk album and managed to play 327 shows all across America. We’re rolling on full steam ahead into the New Year and keeping the roads hot!

Can you talk to us more about the song “Mr. Honky Tonk”? Why was this particular tune chosen as the title track?

I had written Mr. Honky Tonk several years ago but had never been able to get a good recording of it. When we initially started working on this project with Dean Miller, we were only recording one song to test the waters and see how well we would work together. We showed up in Nashville with Mr. Honky Tonk and we nailed it on the first take! It just made sense and felt right to make it the title track and come back and build the rest of the album around Mr. Honky Tonk.

Did any particular event inspire you to write this song?

No one event or person in particular inspired the song but back when I wrote it and even today, on any given night playing in the Honky Tonks you run into this character. I always say “I know that guy! And sometimes I AM that guy!”

What was it like to work with Dean Miller, and how did you first meet?

Working with Dean has been a Godsend. He reached out to me in February 2017 around the time of the Ameripolitan Awards and suggested he could produce a great record with me. We met up and instantly had a great chemistry and working relationship. We didn’t really have to talk things out very much at all as we were already in sync with our thoughts on the production and arrangements. Making this record with Dean has been my favorite recording experience of my career.

How significant was his influence on the album?

Dean’s influence was a major driving force on this album. He had a great way of capturing my best performances and really helping me and the band shape the arrangements for these songs.

You have quite the backing band on this album – did you hand-pick the lineup? If not, how did the band come together?

The backing band for this recording was truly a dream team. I had my guitarist of 21 years Chuck Morpurgo aka Lucky Chucky in tow with me when we got to Nashville and Dean assembled the rest of the players. When we walked into the session and all of these legendary players, many of whom are my heroes, were there to play it was humbling and exciting at the same time. To be able to jam with cats like Mickey Raphael, Steve Hinson, Michael Rhodes, Eddie Bayers, Larry Beaird and the entire crew of pickers and singers that contributed to this album was simply the best of the best!

Any funny stories from working with this team / recording the album? How was the experience as a whole? Anything you would go back and change?

We had a great chemistry between myself, Dean and all of the players. Everything was very loose but the songs all came together at a very fast pace and several of the songs were first or second takes. We just really clicked and locked in together and everything came together very naturally and organic. On the last day of tracking the final 3 songs we got word that Tom Petty had passed away unexpectedly.

Tom was such a huge influence on us and everyone channeled that energy and put it into those final songs. I think we played and sang with a bit more emotion. I wouldn’t change one thing about those recording sessions. I’m honored that we were able to make this album together and I believe it will stand up over time.

What role does Nashville / Music Row play in your music?

In the past I’ve kind of kept my distance from Nashville. I’ve always been completely independent and defiant and made our own path out here on the road. My partner Brian DeBruler at SOLRecords and I have always done things on our own because we believe in what we’re doing more than anyone else possibly could. With that being said, this album was our first time recording in Nashville and we couldn’t be any happier with the results. We have also found a home in The Nashville Palace where we will be holding our Album Release Party for Mr. Honky Tonk on February 14th, 2018 and I’m officially obsessed with the Nashville Style Super Hot Chicken so it feels like us and Music City are warming up to one another and starting a new chapter.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics? Has this always been the case, or did you approach this album differently?

I write most all of my songs while riding my Harley Davidson Road King. When I’m out on the road, just me and my bike alone in the wind is the only time I can truly free my mind and the lyrics and melodies seem to come to me most naturally that way. Whenever the ride is over I pick up my old guitar and flesh out the music. It ain’t for everybody but it damn sure works for me!

What’s happening next in Dallas Moore’s world?

Looking forward to releasing the Mr. Honky Tonk album in 2018 and hitting the road hard in support of it. It’s the best time of my life right now and I’m excited to watch my family, friends and fans grow and share these good times together!

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