5 Hints for Writing a Resume When You’re Just out of College

Around 1.6 million students graduate from college every year. It is common to find some that approach the post-college search for jobs with extensive resumes while on the other hand; there is another percentage of students that do not have any experience whatsoever. It does not really matter where between the two groups of students that you can be categorized into because of one major reason. This is that, as long as the resume you submit catches the attention of the recruiters and blows their minds off within the first few seconds, then rest assured of a positive outcome!

In light of this, it is important to note that there are some things that can be done in order for you to make your resume stand out. You do not have to go and cook up some work experiences so that you can appear more marketable in the eyes of the recruiters because what makes up a good resume is much more than working experience.

Below are some of the best tips that could help guide fresh college graduates on how to come up with exceptional resumes:

  1. Your Professional Summary Should Not Be Fluffy

A professional summary should be straight to the point

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It can be at times tempting to add some buzzwords that are clearly unnecessary to your resume in a bid to make you appear more appealing. The professional summary section is one of the most hard-hit areas and you should keep away from such practices in their entirety because they will end up working against you. You can use a professional resume maker to make the resume-building task easier for yourself.”

Most recruiters have been in this business for quite a long time and are experienced in the matters of fishing out fluffy content especially in your professional summary. Once your resume is blacklisted into the category of fluffy-content users, your first impression could take a turn for the worse.

  1. List Your GPA

Should you or shouldn’t you include your GPA?

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Listing your GPA could go a long way into making your resume have an aura of decorum in it. However, a point to note is that there is a rule of thumb that governs the manner in which listing your GPA should be handled. This rule entails giving a clear-cut recommendation that you should include your GPA only if it is more than 3.0. In case the GPA that you attained in the major you took is higher than what you attained in your general GPA, you can use it instead. Anything that has a figure below 3.0 in your GPA should not be included in the resume.

  1. You Should Refrain From Mentioning High School

accomplishment, ceremony, college

Focus on your activities, work experience and accomplishments during college

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Most employers take interest in wanting to know about the things that you’ve done lately and not the accomplishments you made up to four or more years ago prior to stepping into college. You should focus on the activities, work experience and accomplishments that are strung along to you during your time in college. You should also tailor your resume towards bringing special attention to any additional things that could directly reinforce your goals for a job. In case you have trouble with this, seek the help of an EssayWriterSite.

  1. Use Action Verbs to Describe Your Work Experience

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Action verbs highlight what you did to bring about certain results

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When it gets to the part of listing the roles that you’ve played as well as your work experience, it would be in your best interests to use action verbs. This will assist you to better focus on the things you did that contributed to a particular final result. Being fresh out of college, you’re likely not to have major contributions and accomplishments that could be included in your entry-level resume. However, by using action verbs such as led, created, managed, developed, improved and built in your description of the activities that you’ve done, you’ll have created a picture of having many accomplishments to your recruiters.

  1. Provide Your Extracurricular Activities and Honors

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Extra-curricular activities make your resume more attractive

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The first resume that you create when you’re leaving college should always be structured towards playing up to your most attractive selling points. This could include projects and extracurricular activities that you might have held during your days in college. Honors and scholarships are also other items that you should ensure you have included in your resume. All these things will have a synergistic action in helping to improve your chances of having a positive feedback from your resume’s submission.


One-third of the general population in the US are graduates of four-year-long degrees. The art of resume writing is one that should be highly coveted by new college graduates as it is what will set you apart from the rest.  The reason behind this is that resumes are among the main tools that you will need to have with you when embarking on of searching for a job.

In regard to this, you should strive to make your resume be a reflection of the most refined version of yourself. This will assist you to be better placed on being chosen for the jobs that you have applied for.

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