INTERVIEW: The Pxrtals

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thanx for having us! Life is a trip, but trying to stay positive and healthy. The same yr way 🙂

You just dropped you debut single ‘Dawn Of A Global Community’ – big thanks for letting Vents premiere the video – tell us about the concept?

Thank you! Sonically, we were going for a contemporary dance/hiphop rhythm, bridged with a 60s folk/psychedelic-leaning sound. The video was a collaborative vision between the band and Voyno, the director; we wanted to hang out in New York, which we consider an exemplary global community, and Voyno suggested filming in/around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens during the cherry blossoms’ blooming season to parallel the sense of growth and rebirth that will hopefully continue to emerge in people/societies the world over.

For those who aren’t familiar with you and your sound yet, how would you describe it?

Imagine the sound of Roy Orbison’s spirit trekking an ageless forest, and that will give you some sort of sensual cue of what The Pxrtals is like. A mysterious and heartfelt alternative rock n’ roll vibe, inspired by the whole musical spectrum.

You have a new album planned for next year, did any event/s in particular inspire you to write the material?

Yes. Un Jour was in majority birthed on one fateful, prairie winter-wasteland evening in January, 2014. I was sitting in my bedroom, feeling quite dejected about a lot of things, while my roommates were merrily playing away at NHL 15. Suddenly, I took up my guitar, played a Neil Young-style D chord… and here we are. It was inspired by some sort of courageous, if not desperate, process to not give up- to grind through and find a “light”.

How was the recording and writing process? The project is described as a solo artist, is this the same as when the music is created or just live?

Writing was quite an overall soothing experience, actually; following that initial January evening, I ended up in North-western British Columbia the next spring in a log cabin where I spent a week in seclusion honing the songs, and establishing a voice; lighting the wood stove in the morning, and just enjoying a pure freedom to jam away all day and night in the heart of the forest.

Recording was definitely exciting yet somewhat frustrating, as I pushed my technical abilities (at that point) to their full potential, which is particularly daunting when your goal is to attempt to record an album in the Delta Blues-style: as many songs as possible in a period of two days. We ended up being rushed for time, so I recorded most vocals one or two takes, without even making the time to listen to the playback.

The mix was even more arduous (sorry, G.!), particularly because I ended up periodically re-recording certain parts and vocals, which ended up taking over a year… but overall, t’was an incredible learning process, and the album reflects this sense of growth and coming-of-age.

While Pxrtals was birthed from my imagination and could be seen as a solo project, I do consider it as a band. I’ve had the most fun playing in bands, and have made some of my strongest bonds and friendships through bandmates. With that, each Pxrtals show has been quite unique from one another thus far: from foundation-rattling DJ sets to intimate folk-style performances to meltdown Stooges covers sets, as we’re experimenting and working towards a crystallized stage show, which in the process hopefully makes it more entertaining for any audience.

What’s it like being on the road with Slow Down Molasses? I see you were the guitarist in 2016?

I am forever grateful for Slow Down’s invite to join the band in 2014, where our first show was at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Brussels! We had the most fun on tour, and drank ALL the beers, lol. Pure rock n’ roll. I’ll never forget falling asleep outside the airbnb in Paris (as I was locked out without a key), following a crazy Halloween show and whole night out, wandering half-lost outside Père Lachaise until the bakeries opened up at 6am. You’ve never tasted a fresher, more delectable croissant! An incredible group of friends to tour with- did I mention we drank all the beer? Everyone in the band really loves beer and pizza. It was for the most the merriest of times 🙂  

Any plans to tour in 2018?

Yes, following Un Jour’s release. Focusing on releasing the album and more recording presently, but planning to play as much as possible. Wherever and whenever! Book us!

Favourite album of 2017?

So many:

DAMN., Blackstar, You Want It Darker, Kay The Aquanaut and Factor Chandelier’s 7 Vessels, etc.

I haven’t yet dived into Björk’s or Syd’s albums, but surely they make the list.

And Skeleton Tree.

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