Collegians Unleash Their Crushing New Single, “Black Mass”

Welcome back Collegians! This is the message I think all of us fans are sending after the impressive release of their exciting new single “Black Mass”.

I don’t think anyone doubted this inspired, Australian band’s, ability to follow up one incredibly awesome single with another; and Black Mass proves us all right; Collegians are well worth all the hype surrounding them these days.

Black Mass is a dark and beautiful trackthat takes the listener on an incredible journey. It is hard to place it in a specific genre-box, as it fits Electronica, it fits Rock, it hangs out in the Industrial, and it most definitely, channelsgood ole Alternative; perhaps, it is best to accept that Collegians are not a simple band with a simple message. I suppose, for arguments sake, that if I were to draw any comparisons to who would like Collegians, I would have to mention Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, and Depeche Mode.

One thing Collegians does well, is create songs that force you to pay attention. I have tried to play this track as a background soundtrack, but I keep hitting repeat, and I keep turning it up.

The song is a raw, dark, and beautiful anti-establishment anthem. The beat is what you would expect at a club, but the brooding, dark, emotional delivery of Glenn Patrick’s vocals, are way deeper than that scene.

The thing I like most about Collegians new single, is that they took a real turn from the previous single ‘Vaccine”, and rather than create a carbon copy of the song that succeeded before, they created a song showcases what Collegians have to offer, in a new light.

Yes, the deep synths are here, the crushing guitars,the killer drums, and the trademark melodic vocals; but it is arranged in a fresh new way.

The music scene has a lot to offer, no matter how many people try to tell you that it is on the decline. If great bands like this continue to approach the scene with this sort of integrity, passion, and undeniable skill, then I am quite sure that the music scene will stay just fine.

You can find Collegians on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website.


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