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Markus Mann Provides a Sneak Peak Into Upcoming Album Release

The world has become a scary place for some. The need for people to keep their eyes fixated on the glowing pixels of their phone screens alienates people from each other. Social media perpetuates the need to craft the perfect online persona, further increasing the divide between the people inhabiting the modern world. These thoughts are all quite terrifying to absorb, and can easily pass through one’s brain without a second thought if the listener isn’t open to hearing it. Singer/songwriter Markus Mann helps push this message forward in his latest single “On The Inside”, providing a pleasant soundscape to effectively deliver this cautionary tale to a willing audience.

Markus Mann isn’t your ordinary musician. With a cultural background of Trinidad and the United States, Mann mixes and melds genres at will to craft tracks that are unique to him. This is no different on “On The Inside,” Where Mann infuses elements of soul, rock, reggae, and more to craft a pleasant track with an upbeat instrumental to contrast the song’s lyrical content. Mann’s vocals are no slouch either, as he provides catchy lyrics and a memorable chorus that is sure to worm it’s way into listener’s ears after a handful of listens, if that.

With this new single, Markus Mann is preparing for the release of his upcoming album, Fake News, in early 2018. If “On The Inside” is any indication of the type of quality Mann has put into his new album, then fans of indie music all over should be brimming with excitement.

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