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CD REVIEW: A Tribute To The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds by YYY

There are two types of great cover artists out there. Those that manage to recreate (reimagine, perhaps is the best word) the magic of the original while bringing their own spin. Then there are those that reconstruct the entire thing, you may recognize the lyrics and a few abysmal elements, but if the song wasn’t any popular at all you may actually think you are listening to an original creation rather than a tribute. If that would be right or wrong? Everyone has their own opinion about it, but what’s for sure is that it isn’t an easy task.

May the obvious and somewhat lazy title, A Tribute To The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds by Minneapolis Multi-Dimensional producer and artist Austin Carson aKa YYY don’t fool you. With the help of some of his talented friends, they have infused their own wild creative minds into an album that sounds familiar, not only to the original record they are paying tribute to but even goes beyond. Case in point, his version of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” will ring many fans bells but in between, this version feels less as a campy, upbeat version like the original but rather like a wild, rhapsody. Basically he got the yay elements of the Beach Boys and blend it in a Frankensteinian way with the Queens uberly popular rock anthem. It’s chaotic, but joyful. “You Still Believe In Me” keeps the experimental tone that basically remains through the whole album with its futuristic sound elements and high pitch vocals. There isn’t too much of a structure, so if this were play in a wide audience I could see some conservative minded people and perhaps even some Liberals walking away or looking around in a state of wonder.

It’s a well-known fact that Brian Wilson is a genius, and while working on his music for the band he was like a mad scientist, playing around and experimenting every way he can. So in some way you do feel also the whole artists that comprise this record honoring that on this record and that’s also a bonus that’s well appreciate it. Sure, Brian’s methods were a bit more orthodox in comparison to YYY, but still they are good.


Criteria - 80%



Overall, for an album that most likely was made in a high state of mind, there are many things that could have gone wrong, that luckily doesn’t. It’s a great album for those seeking for an album that’s both fun and wild in a very electronic way. Kudos to everyone, and looking what other bands does he pay his crazy tributes to… may I suggest Nirvana?

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