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Hello “Darkness”. RaR Releases Their Debut Single

There is something about EDM that just makes me feel good about the day ahead. It’s the sort of music that begs to be turned up loud, and when crafted properly, like RaR’s intense new single “Darkness”, the music just elevates your own spirit.

Australia is one place you can always count on to release great new music, time after time; and this brand new, high-octane track, is proof that they don’t intend on dropping the ball any time soon.

Any musician looking to introduce themselves in a way that will be remembered would do well to take some notes about how Rich and Raymo decided to enter the scene; because this single is addictive as hell!

Rich is no stranger to the music scene, so it is no surprise to hear something like this coming from his camp. From Splendour In The Grass to Greenwood in London, and everywhere in between, Rich has been working overtime to make sure that the party stays pumping all the way to the end of the show. Raymo himself, fresh off a hiatus, has entered in to the scene with a serious intention of making sure this music goes places; and with all the radio-play already received, no doubt this track is going to circle the globe.

A real strong point for any catchy song is to provide a catchy hook, and this is where the talented, soul-vocalist, Elizabeth Robinson comes in. Right from the get-go, Elizabeth commands this song with her powerful voice, and she elevates an already great track, to one that gives you serious goosebumps. Bringing passion and a fearless driving force to “Darkness”, Elizabeth Robinson was the only voice I could have wanted to sing on this track.

I have no doubt that what Rich and Raymo are bringing to the table with their music is going to be met with a vast show of appreciation. Crafted from the minds of a truly powerhouse-duo, and produced in a truly professional way, RaR has successfully introduced themselves to an industry always looking for their next musical fix, and for many, “Darkness” is exactly what they are looking for today.

RaR can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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