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CD REVIEW: Outcasts by EZLA

Nashville is a tricky city. Just like any other mecca out there, like LA or NYC, that tends to be known for having the best of a particular sound – these cities are also the home of other acts that has nothing to do with staple genre of X place. So through time, I have learned the big lesson that just like music, none of these locations can be locked into one melody or style. A big example of this can be found on Ezla.

Outcasts has everything that it takes a record to have in order to become successful: infectious beats, great vocals and a dose of sassiness. The EP opens with the title track, and we are immediately introduce to a very rare talent. The music is somewhere in the spectrum of Fleurie and Melanie Martinez,  the layers found in Ezla’s vocals are both haunting and feels like a fresh breeze of air. The song, just as the album, it blends somewhat dark themes and lyrics wrapped up in a precious-looking gift. What makes this record so amazing is that while other albums feels like a rollercoaster, where the music goes up and down, from aggressive to very slow, Outcasts simply amps its volume and energy on every next track.

If you have guessed by now, there isn’t negative thing to say from my part. Only for those who are musical closed and aren´t able to appreciate different melodies will ever come close to hate this record. Some will say the album is so perfect and in their minds will find any lame excuse to thrash this artist. But truth is they will only serve as a great example on why sometimes the best is to shut our mouths when there´s nothing to say about something in particular. What I´m trying to say is, haters back off!


Criteria - 100%



Overall, the album is the closest thing to flawless. I really wanted to find any failure but it was impossible. Every song just makes this EP better, and while at first listen they might feel like similar, if you pay close attention you will notice how each song has its own signature. A record and an artist that needs to be listen by everyone in the entire planet. The only fear I have is, will she able to pull out another big winner moving on? If she does, I’ll myself steal a GRAMMY for if necessary.

User Rating: 4.25 ( 1 votes)

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