SINGLE REVIEW: 20 Weeks by Lexie Rose

The three years since Lexie Rose made her first club date as a live performer has seen her talents exponentially expand in a way that we associate with the greatest artists. Her latest single “20 Weeks” reaches well past her sixteen years on the planet and strike a notably complex, adult note that’s influenced by writers as diverse as Radiohead and Fiona Apple, among others. Adolescents typically become too heated and overwrought when they write about their personal struggles, but the music and lyrics alike on “20 Weeks” are tempered with real artistry and a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish. There’s no doubt that she’s surrounded by an immensely talented creative team, but even a cursory hearing of “20 Weeks” makes it clear that Lexie Rose is the heavy beating heart of the song. It’s a well produced and atmospheric affair.

From the first line of the lyric onward, it’s clear we are in the hands of a confident performer. Rose matches the elegiac, slightly mournful sway of the arrangement with her own mix of soul and palpable ache in the tenor of her voice. Her phrasing is such that it never treats the song’s gradual development in the same way – Rose brings an unique sense of character to every line and particularly excels during the choruses. The emotive quality of her voice never sounds overly stagy – “20 Weeks” comes across as a genuine cry of the heart and every syllable coming from her mouth sounds inevitable and like it’s torn from the fabric of her everyday life. Another key component of her performance is how well she integrates her voice with the musical backing and brings greater weight to the performance as a result. Her vocal on “20 Weeks” says more about what the song is about than even the lyrics allude to and the interplay between those words and her voice marks her as an unusual talent for someone so young.

The musical backing pivots mainly around the guitar. She adopts a more melodic approach to the song rather than following through with a simpler strumming approach and it gives the song a distinctly different texture than what it might otherwise possess. It rises and falls with great timing and she brings the full force of her voice to match those moments without ever upsetting the balance of the song. Much of the musical backing and vocals alike benefit from the same outstanding production values that have defined her earlier efforts and the clarity, focus on separation, and warmth will draw a lot of listener’s into the song’s web. “20 Weeks” is an ambitious effort for any performer, but the eye-popping talents of a sixteen year old making this come alive are even more impressive and sets the stage for her future artistic and career developments. Lexie Rose has built a strong reputation and songs like this will only increase her fame.

Lexie Rose song 20 weeks is out  this Friday Oct 20th.

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