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Should students study or relax during school vacations?

The students themselves are not delighted with the prospects of going to the summer for textbooks and notebooks. Often we need to think about why the holidays are given? Of course, in the first place, in order to have a good rest. And this holiday should be bright, interesting and memorable without any paper writing and so on.

More fresh air, active rest, new experiences. If there is a possibility to go to the resort, it’s great if this perspective is not foreseen – consider local variations. Each student is looking forward to when the school year will end and a carefree summer will come. On the one hand, it’s a great time to relax, when you can forget all the worries, an essay. online writing and completely immerse yourself in euphoria and do nothing. On the other hand, it’s a chance to be confused with a bad company or the risk of spending a rest in vain near your TV or computer.

To maximize the benefits of summer holidays, it’s best to plan them out, highlighting certain days for hiking, travelling, parenting or an interesting vacation.

What to do in the summer?

This issue should be dealt with by the whole family. The task of adults is to make interesting suggestions and ideas. In the opinion of teachers (whose function is purely educational), studying during school vacations is important, it is worth every day to repeat the passage of the material – otherwise, at the beginning of the next academic year it turns out that the students have forgotten half of the knowledge acquired. Many teachers conduct testing or give the custom essay on the same material in the spring, and then in the autumn – and most of the learners write much worse.

Activate the knowledge of the learner in a light, easy way – it is needed! Teachers offer to adhere to 5 writing tips of effective summer classes:

  1. Offer the learner to read more. Moreover, it is absolutely not necessary for the curriculum. Let he or she choose the books she or he likes, just make sure the learner always has something to read! It’s like “sharpening” her/his mind.

  2. Include the lessons in everyday life. For example, let the studentfigure out how much money you’ll need to spend in a supermarket, or tell you the verses that he remembers from the school program. Try to arrange it all unobtrusively.

  3. Repeat last year’s material. Again, do it unobtrusively, or ask to do any paper writing. As soon as the learners have a feeling that they are being placed at the table, they will instantly refuse to “cooperate”.

  4. Use hisfavourite computer. Download educational games and cartoons for your learner to his computer or tablet. Just try to choose something dynamic and interesting – in the style of summer holidays.

  5. Have the learner organize an excursion. This can be a car trip to another city, and a walk to the nearest park. Let he take as much as possible organizational issues, try to calculate how much you go/travel, how much money you spend, how much time will go on an excursion, and so on.

Learn – it’s interesting! A student will do it willingly if he is comfortable while studying. They are always looking forward to the summer holidays with immense impatience, and the most important thing in it is probably the feeling of how much of the whole useful and interesting you can do together.

Summer is designed to fully feel freedom and fully enjoy the warmth. This season gives you a lot of opportunities that you should take advantage of. Each student has many friends who will share the rest and help him to have fun. So combine learning with rest. And it will be useful for everyone.

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