INTERVIEW: Lindsay Latimer

Hi Lindsay, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey VENTS! Thank you for the great questions and platform! I enjoyed this interview.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Prom Queens”?

We write about real things in our life to pacific and process the linked emotions. This song was something I had in my mental queue for years. It was simple to compose and personally stretching to set free into the world. This song exposes a side of myself that I haven’t shared a lot of until now. I can excel at not being real with myself when I want. That’s no good. And there’s not enough “real” in our life these days. So hence, I share the real story of me as a prom queen.

My hope is for listeners to take off their mask and be themselves. To open up and realize they don’t have to live behind a facade. They can be real. This is my anthem to all those who feel like they’re barely hanging on, in whatever situation—even those who you might expect to feel it the least. Like a prom queen.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I have these early morning memories of parking at my high school, walking to the doors, and taking a long, deep breath. I’d stare at the birds in the trees and was jealous that they could just fly away. High school is hard. We’re constantly trying to reinvent ourselves and look to our right or our left for what we should be doing (saying, wearing, etc.). I always felt like I was on the brink of many groups during those cliquey years, but never found a place in one specifically. So being voted prom queen was definitely a neat thing, but it was quite puzzling. I struggled a lot with feeling left out back then. I think many of us do, it’s a fragile season. I felt like I was almost arriving, but always falling short. Almost cool, but not quite. Like I was never truly known.

I get to hang out with high schoolers now on a weekly basis, being a youth group worship leader, and I get strong whiffs of these same emotions being around them. I believe in salvaging lessons learned and sharing them with the younger generation. It serves no good to keep it inside if we have clarity we can shed on their confusion.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes, plans are in the making. Video is definitely on deck. Stay tuned!

The single comes off your new album Teenage Lullaby – what’s the story behind the title?

The whole aesthetic reflects this tug-of-war between my years growing up and now, so there’s this obvious mashup of decades. Pool parties and balloons meet the other side: adulthood. Past struggles are often remedied by the present and that’s where the “lullaby” applies. There was once tension and mystery, but blanks get filled and aches are alleviated as we press on and trust the process. “Prom Queens” and “Weekend Stories” hint at the yearning for acceptance, the desire to be part of a story, to feel understood. “Too Far In” and “I Blame You” point to more resolve and remedy. I think life includes both these narratives.

How was the recording and writing process?

I think creating this record added years to my life. These songs came easily to me on paper. Something different for me this time was that I wrote this record alone. I’m glad I did it that way considering what the songs encompass. I enjoyed undergoing the revealing moments that it demanded of me. I’ll always remember sitting in silence after I wrote “Weekend Stories” in a couple hours—one of those moments you’re not sure if you’ve ever felt anything so honest. Then fast forward to the final studio day when my producer and I were listening through. I turned to Jeremy and said, “I’m hearing birds…” He stared at me and asked, “Like a crow…?” It clicked after a minute and now sweet songbirds will forever live on that track. Being able to grow the scene just the way you see it through music production is nuts.

My studio days for this record were vitalizing medicine. I only left the studio feeling exhaustion from being honest—actually a thing! It is so crucial to paint the song in its right color, to tell the stories the real way, to drop each sound into its perfect pocket. I love thinking about how we as humans all want to experience that kind of attainment and purpose in the fields we each are in and how there is undoubtably a certain joy that pours into us when we do.

What role does Nashville play in your writing?

When I first moved to Nashville in 2009, I turned into a Lindsay-sponge. I listened and watched everything that was going on—the music, the shows, the appearances. I swallowed a lot of lies that I should be singing a certain style and writing a certain way. It took me about six years to figure out that that’s inaccurate. I then began writing songs the way I wanted to write them, singing the genre I wanted to sing—something I hadn’t done since I was a teenager growing up. I needed Nashville in my life to show me the music I didn’t want to write and lead me back to the music I do.

Known for blending different styles – how do you balance them together?

You know, it’s more of a subconscious thing than anything else. Like any lover of music, I gathered up different threads of genre and style that made me light up when I heard them. Anyone who is raised immersed in a variety of music would probably sing like me. My family didn’t play just one genre or song structure in our home, but an array of them. Whip up those influences all together, let them simmer for years, and you’ll arrive at some sort of conglomeration. Besides, who wants to pick just one?

What aspect of your past did you get to explore on this record?

I sat on my roof a lot at night growing up, thinking and dreaming. Strangely enough, that’s where my mind goes when I share these songs. On the roof in the dark, I could be honest. It felt mysterious, yet accessible—right outside my window. While pursing a music degree in college, I’d take long drives away from the city lights at night to clear my head and remind myself why I sing, not just how to sing. We humans can get so distracted by the details not lining up that we miss the big picture.

Taken back to the rooftop of my teenage years, I’m reminded of order and gain perspective all over again. Whether I’m peering back into my self-conscious high school days and sharing my perspective with those amidst that now or recalling the suffocating pursuit of perfection, putting these things to music and singing a song that strikes something familiar is the most powerful job I could have or want.

Any plans to hit the road?

Not yet, but we’ll see what 2018 holds!

What else is happening next in Lindsay Latimer’s world?

Continued promotion of this record! I want to share it as far as I’m able to. Once I seal it up and its supplements are released, I have a pile of started songs to sort through on the drawing table. Creating is sustenance. And another whole year of possibility is waiting around the bend.

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