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INTERVIEW: Kim Cameron

Hi Kim, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I knew October would be a busy month with the tour to Europe, but I was really hoping my hair would not be on fire!  Actually, I am having the time of life!

Can you talk to us more about your new video “Burning”?

I wanted to create a love story. It is very difficult to show something new in music videos these days….I mean, everything has been done. But this is a true story.  It is a story of two very good friends who have a great time together.  The girl, of course, finds herself wanting to go beyond a simple friendship into something more, but being that she is rather shy, it is hard for her to tell him how she really feels.  He figures is out in the end, but it takes some time, and a lot of eye stares!  The actual shooting was a challenge given the number of people involved, but we needed to show the diversity in friends…in life.  Because, here in America, that’s reality.  We are diverse.

Did any event inspire you to write this song?

Oh…… I am such a hopeless romantic.  Always the same inspiration…. men, love and lust. 

How was the film experience?

Many of the folks in the video are actually my friends which made it easier.  The director set up cameras and just filmed us as we were having a party. Most of the time, none of us knew what was going on, which is why the film looked so natural and authentic. Dave McMahnon (the Director) is so easy to work with, and he is always about creating the ‘real.’  By the end of the day, a lot of champagne had been consumed.

The single comes off your new Greatest Hits album – what made you want to release this type of record now?

I am all about inspiration. One morning I woke up, and this song just flowed out of my head and onto paper. When that happens, I know its gonna be a special song.  I also wanted to experiment with an R&B flavor… see how / if it fit.  I cannot see doing a full on album of R&B, but a song or two, that feels about right.

How was the recording and writing process?

Easy. I love the recording process. It is probably my favorite part of my job. Creating new sounds, hearing new voicings and instruments. Listening to Ted Zimmerman (horn player) in studio was amazing. It brought the record to a new high.

What role does LA play in your music?

I grew up in the LA, so my guess, the role is significant.  What is the saying….you can take a girl out of the LA but you can’t take the LA out of the girl?  I feel sure that my musical inspirations always rely somewhat on my childhood music.  How can it not?

Can we expect some other new singles or will “Burning” be the only one?

I think there is will be a few new ones that will surprise folks on this album. The other part is the complete overhaul some of the older songs have gone through like ‘Scattered’ and ‘Broken Heart.’  New vocals, new music, new producer…..really, a brand new sound that is very fresh.

How has the road been treating you so far?

I always love the experience. Of course, it’s tiring, but I figure, I can sleep when I am dead.

Any highlights?

Oh, well there are always those…..some I can tell, others…..just stay on the road. 

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are performing overseas?

Oh, yes. The language barriers always make it interesting when you are performing with new band members.  It mainly adds a couple more cycles to everything, but I like those challenges.  It forces you to think about things differently and get new perspectives. 

What else is happening next in Kim Cameron’s world?

When I return, I am promoting my children’s book series (www.seaperpowers.com) at the Miami Family Expo and then at the Miami International Book fair. Nothing like switching gears…right?!  Then, Art Basel is right around the corner…..

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