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Dom Marcell: The Pop Star With an MBA

When seven threat Dom Marcell, born Dominique Marcell Collins, made the decision to leave his career on Wall Street and launch his own startup business, he knew exactly what his product would be- his own music. A singer, songwriter, dancer, screenwriter, actor, director, and businessman, Marcell has taken his business knowledge and converted it into a full blown music career.

After graduating from the University of Southern California’s undergraduate program and earning his JD and MBA from Northwestern University, Marcell began his short lived Wall Street career. After completing internships in top offices like the United States Security Exchange Commission, Marcell realized that there was something missing from his career that only music could provide: passion. Gaining this experience prepared him to manage the beginning of his own music business. Now, Marcell has an impressive team of over 74 people working towards his success.

For anyone who has listened to Marcell’s single “DTK”, it may be hard to believe that he grew up in a strict, religious household listening to nothing but gospel music for his early life. It was only once Marcell grew more independent from his family that he began to be influenced by R&B, hip hop, and dance music. Marcell was only three years old when he discovered his love for music and it has been his passion ever since. During his high school and college years, Marcell used to put on small performances and even started writing and choreographing his own work. Although he pushed on in his educational career, music was always his passion. During his last semester at Northwestern University, he realized that it was time to get back into what he loved and join the music industry.

Last March, Marcell released his popular single “DTK”. This fun, upbeat track gained him international recognition for his fun word play. A perfect summer jam, the song expresses Marcell’s passion for one woman. His soothing voice and the fun beat are the perfect combination to make you want to jump up and dance. The accompanying music video perfectly shows off Marcell’s sense of humor, hot dance moves, and abs. It’s always refreshing to see an artist have such a good time with their music, and Marcell’s infectious attitude will make you want to get up and dance with him. The California backdrop, bright colors, and beach shots add to the energy of the production.

Marcell’s debut album is due to come out sometime in Spring 2018, and by the way he talks about it, the album is sure to be a success. All of the songs were written and arranged by Marcell personally and are sure to bring the same energy as his previous releases.

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