SINGLE REVIEW: Chow ChowEyyy Pow by Monsieur Job

Monsieur Job – is an eclectic band conformed by Toby Holguin from Cali, Colombia, Stan Kolev from Sofia, Bulgaria, Charlie Illera from Barranquilla, Colombia, and Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia. All of them come from live bands and Toby, Stan, and Charlie spin records as DJs constantly for different pools and venues around the world.

They fuse diverse talents by inviting artists such as; Marty of No Mercy, Kiño, Luis Carlos Toro, Alejandro Gomes Caceres, Sarah Sophia, Elemece, Thiago, Christian Gimenez, VojkeDjans, Diego Caceres, Oscar Moncada and many others on their single “Chow ChowEyyyPowPow.”

Some other names involved are as follows; Denis Dzigal, Cholo, Vick D, Mc Lions &Bingi, Kid Corrupt, Dave Floyd, Nacho Alvarez, Pablo Bendov and Aldo Cadiz. They all deserve credit but unless you know these artists they can’t really be made out beyond the voices.

The track is in Spanish, so it limits the review scope to the backing track which is a solid combination of beats that essentially come recommended for the EDM genre consumers, also of course the world music community for obvious reasons anyone can hear. It has a little bit of everything and that is why it crosses over to the masses.

You’ll start grooving right way, the second you hit play and it takes you away with the soothing but uplifting beat. If you like Reggae, Dub, Tropical House, Rock, Chill Out, Rap, Trap, Hip Hop, Worship, and Son Montuno you’ll immediately take to it.

Some of the vocal effects could use toning down, but that is the only questionable aspect to me. Others might thrive on that and find it could use more. It’s a matter of taste and that’s just mine. However, I believe there’s something here for anyone who likes to get up and move to music, as opposed to the thinking man’s song. This isn’t for the latter, its every bit for the former.

This is basically what you get when you put all the right artists together, the result really can’t go wrong. You wind up with a track that needs no improving, especially when it falls in the right ears. It keeps you swaying back and forth, and that’s a staple in the Trip Hop world, so it’s got all the right parts well-placed in all the right spots.

They weaved together the chorus with a feather-light repetition that gets inside your head and doesn’t leave. It differs from other music like it because they layer so many styles together to re-create genres, or as I like to say re-invent them like the wheel, as needed.

They never falter at bringing together a wide audience to spread the word to, and any DJ out there working the scene today in the Electronica and EDM world will enjoy spinning this when something mellow but groovy is called for.

Although it was written by Toby Holguin & Stan Kolev, it’s Martin Cintron, the singer and guitar player from the widely recognized band No Mercy, who is clearly the featured star on this track. But with the likes of so many other great artists, there’s not a step lost anywhere on it. And in the greater sense, that should be no surprise to fans of this line-up of talent.

by Mike Tabor

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