INTERVIEW: Glass Peaks

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Jake: Hey, we’ve been amazing. Very busy but amazing and super exited for the world to finally hear ‘Hold Me Closer.’

Can you talk to us more about your new single “Hold Me Closer”?

Jake: Of course, so for me the songs has a very split personality feel to it. I wrote the chorus a long while ago, using just 3 single notes and singing the melody. A simple love message of losing your anxieties and stresses when you’re in the arms of your loved one. The song was written in a time of madness for the band. We were all going through some bad s*it, and I guess the chorus was me expressing and being honest about dealing with that time. Alfs side of the story you can hear in the verses… I’ll let Alf take over here and explain what’s he’s banging on about…

Alf: In ways, it’s an open letter to anyone who feels like they can f*ck with you or the people you love. As Jake said, this tune was written in a time where sh*t really hit the fan, and the lyrical content became quite dark. Essentially, the verses are about trying to understand someones thought process. It’s all very miserable, really!

Did any event inspire you to write this song?

Grant – I think the amalgamation of all the events as a band we’ve had, and our evolution are all factors in us writing this song.

Alf – I would agree with Grant here, but yeah, there were a couple of key things that happened that definitely inspired some of the lyrical content in this tune.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Jake: Yeah for sure, I’ve got a few ideas rattling round my head.

Alf: Some properly tasty ideas indeed.

How was the recording and writing process?

Grant – For me recording can be a fraustrating process, but this was the first time I came out at the end and felt comfortable

Jake – I absolutely love recording tunes and recording with Kris Harris is always a pleasure. If I could, I’d spend every day of my life in a studio making bangers and mash.

Alf – For this song in particular, the writing process was really challenging in comparison to songs we have written since. I suppose because we were subconsciously writing about a difficult time, it took longer for the song to get to a place we were all completely happy with. I re-wrote the verses about ten times before I actually settled on what it was I wanted to say, which ended up being what I’d written first. Recording the tune was an amazing experience, working with Kris Harris is always super fun. Kris is bae.

What role does the UK plays in your music?

Jake: I think being from the UK and especially being born in London we are so lucky for the amazing music scene we have around us. You can into London any night of the week and see top class bands play to sold out venues. The British are a funny bunch aren’t they, were polite, yet p*ss us off and you’ll know about it. I think that attitude defiantly comes across in our music and to be honest in most U.K. bands music.

Grant – Just having such a vast pool of amazing music and musicians to be inspired from is the best role the UK plays for me. Discovering new amazing bands is like waking up every day.

Alf – I’ve lived and grown up in London my entire life and so have always been immersed in incredible music from the UK. Id like to think that a ‘UK sound’ is reflected in our music in some way. I take a lot of lyrical inspiration from just being in the city. I recently wrote a song that was almost composed entirely in my head whilst cycling along the Thames path at night with the lights from canary wharf reflecting in the water.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

Jake: Recording a single costs around £1100 after mixing and mastering. Once we have £12k we’ll do an album. Anyone wanna start a fundraising page for us now haha!

Alf: We would love to record an album but unfortunately, none of us have a magical money tree growing in our back garden! We’re a completely self funded operation so eventually, when we can afford it, we will be recording an album. The harsh reality is, we’re all working full time jobs and making this work as best we can with the resources we have!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Alf: If we put out an album, I think it will be self titled. I’ve always loved the idea of that. Glass Peaks – GP

Any plans to hit the road?

Jake: Definitely, we have a few shows lined up. We’re playing a free show at The Finsbury in London for Blogtober on the 29th Oct, Kazoopa Fest in Leeds on the 25th November and we have a huge headline show at The Water Rats, London on the 2nd of December for the guys at This Feeling. That’s going to be one mad show which will sell out quickly. Grab your tickets now if there are still any left.

What else is happening next in Glass Peaks’ world?

Jake: To try and not let our bank account go to minus figures and to just carry on writing, recording, playing loads of shows up and down the country and just making music we love really.

Alf: I’ve been in minus for longer than I care to remember haha! No but in all seriousness, we just want to keep pushing ourselves and making the music that we enjoy making. We can’t wait to get on the road and play more shows. I’m already looking forward to next years festival season, I’m hoping we’ll be on the line-up for some of our personal favourites!

Listen here

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