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Wonderful, magical and even healing effects of drum music on a human body

For centuries drum have been influencing people. Being a primary source of rhythm drums have always interacted with human mind, holding it tight.

Drums are a special instrument, and drum music is undoubtedly magical. What does spring to our mind first when we hear the sound of a drum? Ancient rhythms, shamans, ritual dances; someone imagines Africa, with the natives spinning in an insane dance, others think about a calmer and more meditative East. Anyway, rhythms and rhythmic music emerged simultaneously with the birth of a man on our planet. Where do they come from? They come from nature, from body and soul – from all natural, which is around and inside us.

Drum music is rhythmic music first of all, while rhythm gets along with the natural impulses of our body. The musical rhythm is a universal means of expressiveness, deeply connected with the physiological, motional, emotional and psychological foundations of a human; it has a huge influence on us.

By their nature, drum rhythms affect humans to the greatest extent, unlike other music instruments, since the sounds of drums have a highly concentrated wave effect (a gunshot effect). Exactly, for this reason, the impact of drums is great not just on the human psyche, but even on physiological functions. The musical rhythm is capable of restoring the work of the heart and regulating. It greatly impacts the physical condition and emotions of a person.

Rhythms help to relieve emotional tensionand also concentrate on “here and now”, which is used for therapeutic purposes to treat stresses and many serious diseases.

Being in a stressful condition, a person constantly concentrates on negative emotions, on tough memories of the past, anxiety about the future. According to EssayHelper4You.com,not so long ago, scientists discovered so-called alpha waves, produced by the brain when a person is in high spirits. Ideally, while in meditation for 30 minutes, alpha waves (8-10 cycles/sec) are generated for up to 20 minutes, and 10 minutes remain for theta waves (4-8 cycles/sec). However, scientific research has shown that at least 20% of the world’s population doesn’t produce alpha waves at all. It means that such people (hyper vigilant) aren’t able to completely relax, even during sleep their brain keeps working. As a result, it’s much more difficult for such individuals to cope with stressful conditions.

For a long time scientists had been struggling to find ways to enhance alpha waves. However, later, experiments have shown that the number of alpha waves drasticallyincreases in folks who are under the influence of drum music (both drummers and listeners). This effect is almost instantaneous. Already after 20 minutes of playing drums, the brain of some hyper vigilant peoplestarts producing twice as many alpha waves as in the normal state.

In conclusion, we’d like to emphasize that drum rhythms have a magical power, which can inspire people, set them for the best, regain faith in themselves, as well as cure many diseases, which can’t be cured by traditional medicine. Modern science is only halfway to this knowledge.

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