Quinton Cochran Releases Music Video for “In Your Eyes”

At only eighteen years old, Quinton Cochran is sure to follow in Justin Bieber’s footsteps and become America’s next Canadian heart throb. His single “In Your Eyes” perfectly showcases his ability to write deep, soulful lyrics all while portraying them through his powerful voice. This love song shows how passionate Cochran’s love is, describing the comfort and joy he can get only from looking into the eyes of this one lucky person. Quinton recently released the lyric video for this powerful single, and it’s a perfect match to this beautifully written hit.

The quiet intensity of Cochran walking through a dark street with only dim lights in the background matches the emotional intensity of the lyrics; “Colors and everything come alive, when I’m looking in your eyes,” the singer gushes as he talks about his love. The pure emotion in the song is sure to make any fan fall in love with Cochran, but also presents a nostalgic element to other listeners, bringing them back to the feeling of their first love.

Having already been featured on the immensely popular CBC Searchlight showcase, sky’s the limit for Quinton Cochran. His soothing voice and calm lyrics are reminiscent of today’s pop icons, such as Ed Sheeran. After his explosive start with “In Your Eyes”, make sure you keep your own eyes on his next move. with talent like this, Cochran is sure to continue striking pop gold.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrLGW0F5H54]

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  1. good looking lad! this kid will be picked up by some big label and be the next face we see everywhere. funny how all our boy talent keeps coming from Canada, who knew, ey!?>

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