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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Andrew: We’ve been good, busy with our first tour!

Mei: Which means eating a lot of candy.

Andrew: That’s just you.

Can you talk to us more about your latest singles “Colorless” and “Lost”?

Matthew: We’re all proud of these two. They’re very different from one another. “Lost” is hard hitting and energetic, it was clear that it was going to be the lead single after it was done. It has a lot of vocal lines people can sing along to even if they’re listening to it for the first time. “Colorless” is softer but also very bouncy, which we liked. Songs like this are always fun to play live. Its reminiscent of an EDM song. We always use electronic elements in our compositions but this was the first time we structured a song that way.

Did any events in particular inspire you to write these song?

Matthew: Yes, but I think it’s better to let people find their own meaning in these stories. These songs can be what you want them to be about.

How was the experience filming for “Lost”?

Matthew: It was interesting. We shot in an apparently haunted mansion in the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Andrew: It was the first time we’ve worked with a crew that big, everyone was working hard and the family that owned the place was really nice.

Mei: We got to shoot in a lot of eerie rooms with cool structures.

The singles come off your new album Empty Cage – what’s the story behind the title?

Matthew: I came up with the title a few years ago. I had an image in my head of sitting inside an empty bird cage with the door wide open, not knowing what it was that left and flew out.

The idea encompasses the feeling of being trapped in life, while you’re the only thing that’s holding you back from getting out and going after what you’ve lost. When you do, I guess that’s the end of your journey, and until then you accept that you have more to learn.

Mei: It’s up to interpretation whether the inside or outside of the cage means freedom.

How was the recording and writing process?

Andrew: We recorded with Rob Freeman at Audio Pilot Studio. He really helped the process flow very smoothly despite tackling the amount of songs we had to record within the given time frame. He provided a lot of insight whilst helping us pull out certain sounds and elements that we had in our heads. Overall, great guy, super easy to work with, and the vibes in the studio kept the energy of the whole process very alive and enthusiastic.

Matthew: We do a lot of pre production before we go record. That way we can make sure that we have time to really get the best out of our songs in the studio.

How has PVRIS and ONE OK ROCK influenced your writing?

Matthew: I think PVRIS influences us most in how they carry themselves and how they treat their fans. There’s this feeling of family they infused into their fanbase that really helps everyone care for and accept one another. Something like that is always a reflection on the musicians themselves, and it’s a very admirable thing.

Mei: As for One Ok Rock, we’ve been listening to them for years and really love the music they make together. You can tell they’re very close and it shows in their compositions. They have great live energy, and it’s only gotten better over the years.

Andrew: They write a lot of different types of songs that all have an undeniable “One Ok Rock” feel. We aspire to have that same type of underlying feel, a “Moonfall” feel that brings our songs together.

Matthew: When we first started listening to them, no one around us ever knew who they were or what we were talking about, so we’re incredibly happy with how much success they’ve achieved here and around the world.

What aspects of nature did you explore in the lyrics on this record?

Matthew: I write almost everything out in nature. The environment surrounding me seeps into the songs and the lyrics I write. I’ve written about a lot of the things I see there, but I think the atmosphere of these places is explored best over feeling rather than actual words. I can describe how beautiful a mountain or a river are, but I’d rather try and make people feel the way I do when I see them, through music and sounds.

Mei: Nature is simple and pure, therefore it has a very clear effect on what I’m trying to say. It has a mysterious touch to it, which works perfectly in our songs

Any plans to hit the road?

Andrew: We’re in the middle of a tour right now! We only have a handful of dates left, but it’s been amazing so far. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again very soon and go to places we haven’t played before!

What else is happening next in Moonfall’s world?

Andrew: Our new EP will be released on November 3rd on Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl, and we still have a few other things up our sleeves!

Matthew: You’ll have to wait and see.

Mei: Thank you for reading! Welcome to the Moonfall world.

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