A Brief History of Medicine

The basic function of medicine is to cure sicknesses and to restore one’s health. Medical science is related to a lot of branches of science as well such as Biology, Physics, Genetics, Chemistry and Molecular biology etc.

You can learn a lot about medicine and medical equipment from medinstrum.com online source. So, now let’s try to learn few details about the origin of medicine.

Origins of Modern Medicine

In the ancient world, people used to think that the illnesses that occurred to human body were due to some supernatural abilities of Gods and demons or other spirits in nature. As a result during those days medical field was believed to be witchcraft, and it involved a lot of praying.

However, in 460 BC Hippocrates was born in Greece the person who revolutionized this pattern of thinking and introduced a type of treatment that is entirely based on diagnosis. He also introduced the ethics of medicine that is followed even today. As a result, he was called as the father of medicine.

How did his method differ from other methods that were used by then?

  • Instead of leaning totally on gods and their virtual abilities to heal a person, he developed a more rational and a physical approach that could be supported by a lot of evidence.

  • So he concluded all of his treatments by two main steps, they are observation and study of human body. Through this method, he was able to describe what a symptom is exactly, and also he was able to predict the symptoms of pneumonia correctly.

  • He also believed in natural healing ability and allowed his patients to be healed using the simple steps of rest, good diet, good physical hygiene and good air. Hippocrates was the first person to scientifically prove that the thoughts arise from our brain and not from the soul.

  • Later this rationally thinking man also founded a medical school in his homeland to teach his concepts to the future generations and made an oath himself for his students to follow. Until today, this oath is followed by many doctors.

  • Even if Hippocrates died in 377 BC, his theories are still practised in healing many illnesses. However, the ancient types of medicine have also been passed down and gifted to the modern world, and it’s called as folk medicine or as traditional medicine.

How are patients treated with modern medicine?

In today’s medical field the root of the disease will be identified at first using a variety of tests or simply by seeing the symptoms. Then the identified causes are treated by the use of drugs or by using surgeries in extreme cases. Sometimes other practices like physiotherapies and exercises or behavioral therapies will also be used. Modern medicine which they establish in Urocare London, has a higher success rate than the traditional medicine and is guaranteed to give better results over a short duration of time. Plastic Surgery outcomes have drastically improved over the last generation thanks to innovative surgeons like: Dr. Ali Sadeghi.


Medicine doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it is related to many other branches of science. And technology is also playing a big part in modern medicine. You can find out a lot about medical equipment from websites such as medinstrum.

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