INTERVIEW: Electro-Rock Band Mute Choir

Q:Hi Sam, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

A:Very well thank you, been keeping very busy these days.

Q: Can you talk to us more about your latest single “The Pedestrian”?

A:“The Pedestrian” came from fictionalization of a character in my head that was basically an embodiment of a sort of negative alternate ending of my life choices. This character is someone that wakes up at 30 realizing they traded their teenage dreams and passions for safety and comfort, and have ultimately lost themselves along the way.

Q: Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

A: Not a singular event per say but the main thing that inspired this song was having grown up in the suburbs, and the certain mentality and psychological view of that environment that is pushed on you. That always had a great effect on me, and created an inner divide between who I dreamed of being, and what was “realistic” and safe. This pushed me to create this song, this character, and this “alternate ending” I previously spoke of. It served as a sort of self-therapy, taking the negative thoughts from in my head and putting them into a fictionalization, a song, and in doing so, removing them from becoming true.

Q: Any plans to release a video for the single?

A:100% expect that soon.

Q: How was the recording and writing process?

A: Well since writing the album I’ve gone back into a studio downtown and been working out of there, but during the album I moved out west into a basement to completely isolate myself. It makes it easier to create without outside input, and sometimes some isolation and alone time is needed to truly reflect on our lives, experiences, and how we feel in the moment. This song started as just me and an acoustic guitar, I wrote all the other instruments in my basement and played some programmed drums over it, then I went to the studio and re-recorded everything on real drums and the whole nine yards. This one was definitely one of the more “organic” sounding productions on the album.

Q:What role does Toronto play in your writing?

A:Toronto is somewhere I’ve lived for quite a few years now, and had to learn to grow up quite a bit when I first moved here. I think these experiences and the lifestyle in Toronto have served to give me a different worldview than I was used to. Toronto has given me many experiences that my writing branches from, but ultimately it is a busy city and I often find that I need to escape the noise to truly hear my own thoughts and truly write without any inhibitions. I never will stop loving the chaos of the city, but I also find myself yearning for the peaceful air overlooked by mountains out west.

Q: Does your new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

A:Definitely. The new album is being recorded as we speak, and so far, it’s coming along great. The songs have been written for some time, so now it’s just a matter of recording them and making the final product the best I can make it.

Q: Any tentative release date or title in mind?

A:The release date is still tentative, but you can expect to hear new music in the early new year. The album will be called Behind the Bars.

Q: Would you keep diving into freedom on this new record?

A:Freedom was a big theme on this record and I didn’t even realize it at first. But alot of the themes at the heart of them stemmed by being held back by something, barred off, imprisoned, whether by yourself, someone else, a toxic love, a job, or fear and getting past those obstacles. And, by the end of the record finding yourself closer to peace or freedom.

Q: Any plans to hit the road?


Q: What else is happening next in Mute Choir’s world?

A:This single serves as the starting point of the project, so expect pretty much everything from here on out, new music, shows, videos, tours. We have a lot of plans for the future, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with the world.

Facebook: @mutechoir

Instagram: @mutechoirmusic

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