Not every new band can make a signature statement with their music as impressively as Collegians have. With their latest intoxicating single “Vaccine”, Collegians have managed to create a song that is undeniably awesome. You do not have to take my word for it either, just look them up in GOOGLE and you will see pages upon pages of accolades for their darkly industrial pop track.

With most members originating from Melbourne, Australia, it is the smart addition of lead vocalist and British-born singer Glenn Patrick that really places an important stake in the ground, cementing their position as one of the top new musical acts to look out for.

Vaccine is a song all about the hook and message, it juggles both the heavy idea of a man with a weakness, and the importance of offering a fun riff that you will want to turn up; LOUD!

Carefully taking respectful hints from musicians such as Muse, Imagine Dragons, and 30 Seconds To Mars, Collegians have added their own unique blend of songwriting to the mix, and what they have created is a true juggernaut of a song.

Dedicating their promotional efforts on this one song was a smart choice, as their accompanying music video has been gaining serious attention among new listeners. It is clear to anyone paying attention to this band, that Collegians take their craft very seriously, and they operate at the highest of professional levels. It is always great to see when musicians respect the entire process of music and image, as it helps enhance the songs themselves.

Vaccine is a great way to introduce yourself to the musical world. It is a song that is fast paced, moody, and sonically effective. It deals with a topic that most people can relate to, and the song is, simply put, catch as hell!

The production value is solid, the song writing is beautiful, and it is hard not to hit repeat a few times.

Kicking into high gear from the start, the industrial-pop, dark-synth attitude of the track is awesome, but it is when the chorus hits that we truly see the strength and potential of this upcoming band. The vocals are sincere, the lyrics are demanding, and it all just boils down to great songwriting.

It’s obvious that I am a fan of Collegians, but I am just one among the many, and that army is growing faster by the day.

Collegians can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and their official website.

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