INTERVIEW: Chandler Juliet

Hi Chandler, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Excellent!! Getting so excited and geared up to release the new music and perform like crazy in the New Year!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Speechless”?

Speechless was the first song of 7 Minutes in Heaven, the 7-track album going on preorder soon. I co-wrote it with Dean Dinning, in a matter of minutes. I think something inside me was dying to be unleashed in that time of my life and I think that character really came alive through the writing and production of ‘Speechless’. I was so happy that it got the reaction it did (and the award!), since it’s a new evolution of my sound.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I think I just love being in control, and this song was my way of expressing that.

How was the film experience?

It was a super fun video to plan out and film! We filmed the whole thing in one day, and I borrowed mirrors from everyone I knew, and the giant throne from Mikal’s studio. The concept of 7 Minutes in Heaven is illusion, never really knowing what’s real or what’s a dream. I have been incorporating the theme of illusions and optical illusions into all the videos, so keep an eye out for the new ones coming out soon!!

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing Speechless was so fun, and very fast. I wrote the first verse and the chorus in a matter of minutes. Dean and I were trying to make a song a Disney kid would sing when they’re ready to flash their ass to the camera. trying to tell the world they’re not a little kid anymore… if you’re catchin’ my drift. So I starting singing sexy and mysterious lines, “Are you ready for the chase? Are you ready for the ride of your life? I’m about to give you a shot, so you better treat me right” and it snowballed. The lyrics and melody came at the exact same time. That’s something that happens with my songwriting at times, other times I’m struggling for days, weeks, even months on a song and can be very frustrating. But this one came effortlessly. 

Production was a little tougher, because I’m so picky about my sound and brand, especially since it’s a newer sound and direction for me. We wanted to make it big and powerful, but keep the verses seeming shyer and more enticing and inviting. But we are all so thrilled with the final result.

How has your upbringing influenced your music?

People always share that they notice a jazzy quality to my voice. My parents are professional and well-respected jazz musicians and they practically required my sister and I to pick instruments to study and practice when we were growing up. We both tried a bunch of different instruments, but I played cello for the longest, 8 years! I think the background of classical music and hearing my parents produce jazz records in our family home when I was growing up fortified my love for pop music, my original pop songs, and music in general.

What role does Lorde and Halsey plays in your writing?

I love Lorde’s vocal stacks and background vocals. She uses it percussively in her productions which I LOVE and have somewhat implemented in this forthcoming record. I think a huge part of my sound is in my background vocal arrangements. I love harmonies, and creating an atmosphere around the lead vocal, it’s my favorite part of music production. I love Halsey’s honesty.

Does acting and comedy influence your music and the other way around?

They definitely both feed into each other. I think as an artist, you have to be everything: a manager, an actor, a model, a songwriter, a producer, a social media manager, your own therapist, etc. Acting helps me really embody my character and persona (especially on stage), and comedy just helps me get through this crazy industry and life. Making fun of the ridiculousness of everything. Laughing helps with a lot of things.

What’s been like to work with MikalBlue (ColbieCallait, Jason Mraz), Tim Myers (OneRepublic) and Dean Dinning (Toad the Wet Sprocket)?

Working with Dean has been a total dream. He has not only been my producer, and cowriter, but has been such a mentor to me, and shared with me his exciting tour stories, and has gotten me so excited for the road ahead. Mikal is a complete doll, and so incredibly talented. He and I have written together a couple times, and he has been the executive producer of the 4 songs on the album done at Revolver. His studio is amazing, including all the people working inside of it. I also got the opportunity to work with the super talented, up and coming producer Jake Williams, and Big Machine producer, and Interscope artist Johan Lindbrandt on a track, too. Tim is awesome too. He and I got connected through Mikal and started working together to write songs for sync, and that realm has taken off for me as well. It’s been a great time.

What made you want to seek for the help of a wide group of people?

I never expected my production team to get so big so fast! I really did not know it was going to happen that way, but I’m SO glad it did, and we’re SO proud of the record.

How have they influenced the sound on your upcoming record?

We tried out a few different production styles for this record, as my previous EP was much more in the singer-songwriter pop-folk genre, We collaboratively decided this was a really cool and intricate direction to go, cause we discovered this sexy rasp in my voice, which is a lower range than most female vocalists. I think it’s really interesting and unique and a new side to my personality shines through.

When’s your new album due?

7 Minutes in Heaven will be available for pre-order in November (with 2 free tracks upon pre-order) and will be fully released with a music video in January.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! I started working with a company who will be representing me in the Chinese market, and I have plans to tour out there early in the New Year. I also am working on a College Tour on the East Coast!! Sign up for my email list on my website to stay tuned for tour dates!

What else is happening next in Chandler Juliet’s world?

I’m graduating college (CSUN Film Media Management Degree) in December, so I’m looking forward to being a free woman and to completely dive into music once I graduate. But I’m still working my tail off on music videos, album promo, and collaborations with DJ’s all over the world in the mean time. I’m so in love with what I do, and so grateful that I get to do it.

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