Hey Guys, Welcome to Vents! How are you?

Hey Vents! We’re great, thanks! Releasing an album feels amazing, it’s a big milestone for us.

Where did the band name Iffy Orbit come from?

Finding our band name took 2-3 days of intense research. We were about 15-16 y/o, had just started the band, and we were having our first gig! So we had a deadline to make a bandname. Luckily we ended up with Iffy Orbit! Its pretty impressive to make a bandname when you’re 15 that still works when you’re 21, don’t you think??

«Iffy» could mean unpredictable, and Orbit speaks for itself. The original idea behind the name was that the five of us comes from very different backgrounds with different musical influences, and we blend them together in an unpredictable (iffy) orbit.

Throughout the years the name has started to get a new meaning, with just life being an unpredictable journey, but in the end you somehow end up how you started.

Can you each describe yourself in 3 words and also the role you play in the band?

Erik: very nice boy. I play bass guitar, sing, synth bass sometimes when Markus’ hands are full, write songs and co-produce.

Eirik: annoying, but cool. I play guitar, sing and write songs

Teodor: A whole lot. I play the drums and whimper melodies at the piano sometimes.

Kristoffer: Hard working Lad. I’m the lead singer. I also play guitar along side with Eirik, write songs and produce.

Markus: Chill and cute. I play double synthesizer and write songs. I´ve also become the bands private chaffeur. Maybe that´s why I haven’t been kicked out yet?

Are you excited about the release of your debut album?

Our hearts are racing, minds bubbling and our bodies tingling! We’ve been waiting for this day since we started our band 5 years ago.

How long did it take to make the album, start to finish?

The album process started september 2015 when we «moved in» to our first studio at Tanken and started from scratch writing tons of songs. We ended up with 40-50 different sketches that turned into 15 finished demos. From those 15, did 10 of them make the cut for the record. Some of the songs are newly written, but songs «Slow Times» goes way back to the birth of the band. We went into the studio with the producer Andrew Murray («BAYA») and recorded the album over 3 months.

Why have you named the album Slow Times? Any meaning behind it?

The title «Slow Times» can mean a lot of things. Even we have some different takes on the title. One aspect of it, is that we wanted to capture the vibe of having a really long summer break, and the feeling of time going really slow. Another way to put it is that life usually moves pretty fast forwards in retrospect, but during the parts of life with lots of emotions, time stands still. And during adolescence those emotional periods happen really frequently. That’s why growing up feels like an eternity sometimes, thereby the name «Slow Times».

You have been compared to Daft Punk, MGMT and Tame Impala, how does that feel?

It feels crazy to be compared with those bands! They are without doubt some of our biggest inspirations.

Would like to collaborate with them or any other artists?

That would be awesome! We’ve been asked those questions before and we always have new answers. Collaborating with an orchestra would’ve been crazy cool. We’ve already tried a little bit, with having some melodies on a trumpet! And we are already fantasising about having a brass section with us in concerts!

You have just finished doing festivals in Scandinavian, what was the best and worst thing about it?

Best thing: Driving for hours in our car, meeting the people that actually listen to our music, but also just the thought that we get to travel around and play for people!

Worst thing: Rigging our gear in and out of the car.

Do you plan on going on coming to the UK after the release of your debut album?

Of course, we’d love to play in the UK! Book us some gigs and we’ll see you there!

How was it preforming alongside Twenty One Pilots, the Wombats and supporting Lovespeake?

The Twenty One Pilots-warmup was a surreal experience. A lot of girls showed up. This was before they blew up, so the venue was small, but it got packed. It turned out that we were too young at the time, to stay in the club after the gig! So we didn’t get to meet Twenty One Pilots, or the girls.
Supporting the Wombats was amazing, we got to stay then and see their show, so we had a great time. But the Lovespeake-tour was arguably the best. We’ve known these guys for quite some time, so we just had a great trip around in Norway with a great company!

What do you hope for the rest of 2017 and 2018?

To play a lot of shows, travel to new places and write tons of music. As of today we have a vague, semi-seethrough skeleton of a second project, that we will keep working on behind the scenes. It’s impossible to tell when it will be released, but hopefully sometime during 2018. We might premiere some new songs at our gigs in the future.

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

Cliché alert: You get to do what you love with your best friends. <3 Writing, playing and jamming with these guys will never get boring. It’s like the energy from a 25-piece orchestra packed into five hyperactive guys, it’s hilarious.

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