INTERVIEW: Hermitage

1.Hey Guys, Welcome to Vents! How are you?

Darragh Griffin: We’re great! Very happy to be chatting with you.

2.Hermitage Green is a very interesting band name, how did that come about?

DAN: My brother Barry (bass & vox) are from an area in our hometown in Limerick called The Hermitage… we had no green area to play in as kids – so the name Hermitage Green was born out of our deprivation of somewhere to play!

3.How was it being signed to Sony Music Ireland?

Darragh Griffin: It was a great experience for us, to get recognition from a major label was big boost for us. Suddenly you’re surrounded by a team of very capable people all pushing towards the same goal. Also on a personal level we met some fantastic people in Sony and have a great relationship with them.

4.How was preforming alongside Gavin James, Josh Ritter, Walking On Cars and The Pogues?

DAN: Getting to tour and meet likeminded musicians is easily one of the best perks of doing what we do. Joining the Pogues back in 2013 was a particular honor as they’re such an iconic band that rarely tour anymore.

5.You have said the new single Lions Share is about being tormeted in a caustic relationship, is this coming from a personal experience?

DAN: Lions Share is about that side of us that sort of disregards the voice of reason, in exchange for a momentary reward – so I think we can all relate to that feeling. The rest is up for interpretation!

6.What made you pick Lions Share as the new single?

DAN: from its earliest conception I think it was obvious that it had a sort of ‘radio’ appeal to it. Its big sounding and quite contemporary (while still sounding pretty HG) so it seemed like a good choice for first single…

7.What kind of music did you grow up listing to?

DAN: My earliest infatuations were probably heavy metal bands like Tool and Pantera, but I mellowed out a little as I grew out of the teenag angst! Nowadays I listen to everything from Glen Cambell to Chemical Brothers… to Rammstein.

 Darragh Griffin: My earliest musical memory was hearing Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis in my Grandmothers house in Sligo when I was very young and that kicked everything off I think. I was into Queen and Dire Straits from a young age and then got majorly into Metallica, Thin Lizzy, G’n’R, Hendrix, Rory Gallagher – all the rock gods really!

8.Did you always wanted to do Irish Folk Rock in your music?

Darragh Griffin: There was never a conscious decision about any of that to be honest, we were just 5 lads who got together and started jamming. Somewhere along the way as you navigate through the different influences and tastes of everybody, you move towards “a sound”. Its the hardest thing to nail down for us, the whole genre bracket. At one of our gigs you might hear a slow tune with lots of 4 part harmonies followed by a stomping rock song, it wont really have been a planned but it ends up feeling very natural. The variety keeps it entertaining – for us anyway!

9.What’s the best thing about being Irish?

Darragh Griffin: Theres a certain wit to people here thats always very refreshing to come home to after being away for a while. I love that because I don’t experience it anyway else, its uniquely Irish which I really enjoy. That, hurling and pints of Guinness!

10.You are preforming in Ireland and the UK this fall, what can fans expect from the shows?

DAN: I think we pride ourselves on a pretty entertaining show! Expect lots of instruments, accapella harmony moments, a few good stories, and a pretty insane drum solo!

What do you hope for the rest of 2017?

Darragh Griffin: We release our EP Gold and Rust October 19th so I cant wait to get that out into the world! We have a couple of big gigs here like the Olympia in Dublin on September 22nd and Cork Opera House on October 19th, then we’re touring to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Australia and the UK so we have plenty going on!

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