INTERVIEW: The Franklin Electric

Hey Guys, Welcome to Vents! How are you?

Feeling great thx, just landed in Europe, getting ready for another run of shows on this side of the pond 😉

Can you each describe yourself in 3 words and also the role you play in the band?

Jon Matte, lead singer & multi-instrumentalist (keys, gtr, trumpet)

Ken Pressé, back vocals & guitars

Martin Desrosby,  back vocals, keys & bass guitar

Adam Passalacqua, drums.

How did you guys meet and form the band?

We met through the small circle of musicians in Montreal. Kind of a small scene. The band has shape shifted a bit but we’ve been touring lots over the past two years with this group and it’s been great.

Can you describe the message behind Burning Flame?

Burning Flame came as a last minute tag along to record.  Talks about the desire or the feeling most of us have felt at some point in our lives that simply reminds us of what we really are doing here or should be that is easily ignored. The drive, the desire to try to be alive and truly feel and be true to it.

How was filming the video, as you gave an actor the main role in it?

Making the video was simple, the concept was simple but it was really casting that would made it. We got lucky stumbled upon George (main character) who’s stellar performance was just right. Oh it was his first time on screen.

How did you find the process of making your album Blue Ceilings?

The process to making blue ceilings was a bit if a head fuck at times. Recording in between tours leaving with unfinished tunes but in the end it gave all the songs extra time to grow so we could come back with fresh ears change things add parts or write new songs until it really started to take on its own personality. Then we knew we were done.

 What is each of your favourite song of the album?

Tough to have a favourite. I’d say it’s between Someone just like you, I know the feeling, It’s Taking You or So far.

Who are you favourite artists?

Gone through different phases from Buckley to Otis Redding from hip hop to Bob Dylan. I’d say it depends on how I feel that day or moment.

You’re preforming in London this month, how excited are you for the shows?

Super stoked about being back in London and the whole tour I general. Europes been good to us so far we are just happy to be able to continue to see our songs find new homes in different parts of the world.

Do you prefer European or Canadian gigs?

There’s a few lifestyle differences between Canadian and European tours as we are more established back home there’s some perks but culturally Europe is way more inspiring.

Do you plan on releasing any more singles of the album after burning flame?

So we are jumping into a studio in Kent just outside London to work on a few new songs so there’s a few things shaking for 2018 for sure. Not sure as to what exactly but new music for sure.

Do you plan on spending more time in Europe/America now?

After this tour I’m going g back to Kent to finish up the new tunes and sit in on the mixes then back to Canada to tour over there till the end of the year. We got around 23 shows back home after this tour so we will end off the year in Canada.

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