Music for Writing Papers: 8 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

Many times we experience innumerable distractions when studying or working; luckily, music can put us back on track and make us productive throughout the day. Researchers argue that playing music in the background is a distraction that affects our productivity. Other research studies have refuted such claim revealing that music is not just noise. Music is a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds that produce beautiful forms of harmonious expressions to improve our mood and help us relax.

Listening to music while working gives us something else to think about instead of diverting to other unproductive activities. Music provides a safe diversion preventing us from engaging in any other distracting behaviors. Music is the best strategy for managing internal interruptions like daydreaming.

Writing itself can be an uphill task; dozens of students prefer to buy college essays. However, students who prefer to do all writing tasks by themselves need to find alternative ways to overcome the pressures that come with college assignments. Students can compile a list of music to listen to while writing a paper.  There are several types of music styles available to choose from. So, below are some considerations when picking the right music for writing papers.

You can pick a song with minimum words combined with soft lyrics as soft music makes the brain click into high gear. Nothing works better than a simple piano song or a soothing jazz music. A good background song that motivates and enhances our mood should contain minimum distractive elements like crazy tempo or volume changes. Creating a playlist would mean thinking about what you want to use the music for, pick songs that fit the occasion. For instance, when you want to work on a creative writing assignment, you can listen to Nicolas Jaar songLet’s Live for Today, the song contains a sharp folk-rock. Everything in the song is a solid folk-rock with an appealing hard edge.

At times one would want to listen to a quiet piece of music or simply wants to be in a thoughtful mood. Daydreaming by Radiohead is one of that songs that explores human experiences using soft vocals. The song Daydreaming has the electronic ambiance combined with orchestral songs. Thom Yorke produced the remarkable song that resonates with a larger audience. Daydreaming is an impressive display of musical genius; the song blends classical and electronic sounds to produce powerful, inspiring, soothing experience.

There are times you imagine that you are in a chaotic world and need to relax a bit, the Album Mezzanine by Massive Attack can help you through. Massive Attack songs have a deep tone that relies heavily on nonfigurative and ambient sounds. Known for his classic style of music, Massive attack album Mezzanine is something edgier, the song Black Milk has cemented their reputation. Similarly, the song Time to Dance by Tricky is inspirational; the song encourages us that there is time for everything. The song is based on the novel Chuck Palahniuk, a narration that tells a life story. The song reminds us that there is a time to mourn and a time to dance. The song lyrics present the two sides of life, which is death and newfound freedom.

Anyone looking to create a cool working atmosphere will pick on Lorn’s album Debris; it is an atmospheric quality song like classical music. The classical touch is conveyed by the fuzzy sounds of a violin. One more song you can listen to when you need to complete an assignment, is Kevin Parker’s band the Tame Impala,  and the song titled Elephant. It presents a fast tempo with rhythm shifts. Elephant is one of the huge singles played in many festivals the name is known to anyone.

At times, listening to ancient tunes can soothe your brain; this is the way the song Mosaique by Ash works. The instrumental is something different that brings back good memories of my origin. It reminds listeners of the oriental sound of Egypt. Its oriental touch makes it more appealing to hear while engaged in serious tasks. When in a happy mood, Silence by Pale is the song to help you maintain the good mood. The song, silence lyrics seem to say such happy presents a laid-back attitude. The song is short to the point, it graceful that can easily conquer anyone’s heart.

So, here is the short playlist for writing papers:

Nicolas Jaar – Let’s Live For Today
Radiohead – Daydreaming
Massive Attack – Black Milk
Tricky – Time to Dance
Lorn – Debris
Tame Impala – Elephant
Ash – Mosaique
Pale – Silence

Final thoughts

Overall, music is the best strategy to help us get back on track when our mind goes off.  Music produces a combination of both instrumental and vocal sounds that enhance our mood helping us to relax. Music has a great impact our mood that is why choosing the right music will put you in the right mood to perform any task ahead of you.

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