History of Women in Gambling

Women have always been involved in the world of gambling, might be in the form of online Poker, Roulette, Bingo or casino Slots. The type of gambling involved doesn’t matter. Women have been actively gambling for a long time now. From this post, you can get to know about the women gamblers who loved playing Poker most of the time. With the advent of mobile casinos, there took place a drastic change in the gambling industry. All the casino games can be played at your comfort zone, the count of female gambles did not decrease. According to our stats, Online Poker is one such game where the count of female players is more in numbers when compared to men.

Going Way Back in Time of Gambling

Gambling has been noted in the history of books since a long time. It is believed to have occurred as far back as 4,000 years ago. Many ancient civilisations have written various accounts of gambling. The ancient Roman have written accounts of the existence of gambling.

In ancient times, gambling was also used during pagan rituals. It could also involve the casting of lots by individuals. People would make use of sticks, pebbles or nuts to cast lots.

In ancient Rome, women actively took part in gambling. Gambling by women was not frowned upon by their male counterparts. It was not completely illegal at the time. Gambling was part and parcel of the Roman civilisation. They even had a goddess of good luck, chance and gambling named Fortuna. The English words of Fortune (wealth) and Fortunate (lucky) are taken from this Latin word.

Women could gamble during a festival known as Bona Dea. They could entertain themselves on this day. Women played a game known as Tabula. This was a sort of backgammon game. During the era of Emperor Nero (37 AD to 68 AD) women were given more freedom to gamble.

Playing Cards for Pins

In 1430, Amadeus VII the Duke of Savoy passed an anti-gambling edict. This edict prohibited men from engaging in any form of gambling for money. However, women were not affected by this edict.

They could play card games like online poker. However, women played for ‘pins’ back in those days. It was not seen as dignified if they played for money. Gambling was prohibited in England in 1739. This included games like the roly-poly, ace of hearts, faro and basset.

The Faro Ladies- The World’s First Women’s Professional Gamblers

The famous “Faro Ladies” were made up of women from wealthy homes. They loved gambling and defied the anti-gambling edict at the time. These women would gather at night to socialise and discuss politics. They would also play games of faro.

King George III passed a “Proclamation against Vice” in 1792. This prohibited anyone from playing faro. The Faro Ladies were the primary target of this edict. Punishment included fines and public disgrace.

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