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Top 5 tips on writing an application essay

Personal Essay should help to better understand the person you are from a psychological or philosophical point of view. Do not write about your notes, your extra-curricular performance… all of this is said elsewhere in your application.

In Personal Essay, there is “personal”, understand “personal”. Your writing should therefore speak about you and not about someone who would be a role model for you. On the other hand, you can talk about the influence that this model has had on you and why and how it influenced your personality.

The Personal Essay should not describe an element already highlighted in your application. In this case research paper help is needed to understand how to develop the tone and content for your application.

Finding a topic is not necessarily obvious. Here are 5 ideas you can use to write your text. These 5 points are recommended by the organization running the Common Application, so you can refer to them without fear:

A few students have a past, an identity, an interest or a talent that is so significant to them that they are confident that the application will be new without mentioning it. Tell your story and how it affects your choices and decisions.

The past failures of the lessons can be fundamental to future success. Tell us about an incident of course, a failure that marked you, which has changed you. Explain what you get out of it.

Tell the time you questioned, by expressing your thoughts, an idea or belief that you were subject to. Why did you do it? Would you do it again?


Give details about a problem you have solved or would like to solve. Preferably, it must be a problem that affects you personally. Explain how important it is to you and by what steps you might be able to identify a solution.

The Style of the Personal Essay

Do not try to guess what one who will read your Personal Essay to want to hear. If you ask a hundred people in charge of admissions what they want to hear, you will get as many different answers. Stay focused on what you are interested in saying about yourself, what you will tell passionately and interest.

If this is part of your personality, do not be afraid to be fun or creative in your writing but do not make tons either. Being fun does not mean writing jokes in his essay. Being creative does not mean you have to color your writing.

Do not hesitate to ask advice from those who know you about what you could write. On the other hand, be careful not to let yourself be influenced in your writing style by the people around you.


Do not talk about the university you are writing to, especially if you use the similar application system since the same copy of the essay application will be sent to all the universities you are applying for.

Finally, as with any writing, write it down, let it rest, reread it, review it there… Correct your faults, change the syntax of certain sentences etc.

To conclude this list of tips, note that there is no right or wrong answer in what is expected in terms of content. On the other hand, be sure that your essay reflects the person you have become humanly and intellectually.

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  1. Really helpful tips for writing. I can now find out my faults behind my poor essay writing. Next time I will definitely use those tips. Thanks for writing these.

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