INTERVIEW: Fatally Yours

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Christian Rivera: We have been absolutely amazing! Thank you for asking!

Keith Thompson: Couldn’t be better!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Another You”?

CR: Another You is a song about self-realization. It’s the Devil that tempts you and the Angel that reminds you. It’s the tale of a struggling heart that can’t seem to fly straight, no matter how much he loves his partner. Temptation leads this dark soul away from his love, but he always returns to be saved by her. Another You is a mid-tempo bruiser that embodies the struggle of a tortured soul.

KT: Lyrically, Billy had come up with the first verse and his words matched perfectly with where I was coming from. A place of remembering scars, of battling with inner demons, wondering who you really are and who and what you really need. It’s a song of the violence inside the mind of a torn heart.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

KT: It’s the constant “event” of dealing with what you want and what you need in life to be happy. Making it work with another person. Seeing what’s best, but not always choosing what’s best. It’s an ongoing struggle. 

How was the film experience?

CR: The video was filmed at Angel’s Rock Bar in Baltimore, MD by Matt Gischel and his company, 818 Digital Media.  We wanted to capture the essence of what a good rock show is like in our hometown of Baltimore, MD, so we decided to shoot one of our shows, unscripted and on the fly.

A bit of background: Call me biased, but after traveling the country a few times, I can honestly say that Baltimore has one of the BEST music scenes that you’ve never heard of. Crazy how it doesn’t even seem to be a blip on anyone’s radar. But I suspect it won’t stay that way for long, and I know we’re working as hard as we can to make as much noise as we can.

We thought it would be a cool idea to showcase a microcosm – our little corner – of our music scene. This particular show was part of a monthly concert series called “Monthly Mayhem,” which was the brainchild of a prominent Baltimore promoter, Transcendent Events. The event is held once a month, on a Thursday night, and it is LIT!

How was the recording and writing process?

CR: We pretty much followed our basic formula for writing and recording – Keith and Billy handled the lyrics, Keith wrote the basic structure of the song and then I put my touches on it with the countermelodies, textures, and other nuances. One thing we did differently this time around was adding a proper guitar solo to the song. We always get a copy of the day’s work from our engineer, Tony Correlli, so that we can listen with fresh ears. I thought that the bridge section was rocking, but that it also needed some flavor, so I suggested that we bring in our other guitar player, Chuck Moore, to take a pass at a guitar solo. He nailed it in the first take! 

What role does Baltimore play in your writing?

KT: I think there’s a sadness about our town and I’ve carried that in my songs since I started writing. The city carries dramatic dynamics. Highs of the highest high and lows unimaginable. Love and death. That’s all there really is in the end. 

CR: Keith stole the words right out of my mouth. Baltimore is the epitome of gritty blue-collar towns. It has a ton of character, and even charm, but it also has a way of trapping you and beating you down if you don’t get out, at least every once in awhile. 

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical projects?

CR: Not necessarily. For me, I think Fatally Yours is more like the logical next step in my musical life, rather than a departure from the past. If you follow my past projects up to this point, I think you’ll definitely notice a pattern of growth and progression. I feel like in Fatally Yours, I’ve really come into my own as a writer and player, and I’ve really developed my knack for writing nuanced countermelodies and dynamics. 

KT: No. I think there’s a ton of Bleed the Dream (my past band) in Fatally Yours. I just try to keep it simple and convey an emotion. Epic undertones with driving rhythm. That’s kind of where I try to come from and anything beyond that is the colors that everyone brings. 

Does your new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

CR: At this point in time, we’d rather focus on releasing singles, and keeping ourselves fresh in people’s minds. As an emerging band, we’d rather give our fans a brand new song once every few months or so, rather than having them wait around for 2 years or something for a new record. I think at this point in our career, we have to keep finding creative ways to break through, get people’s attention, and most importantly, keep it. Even though some would consider this strategy to be unconventional, the record business is seemingly on its head these days. So what really is conventional, anyway?

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

CR: We already have our next single nearly finished in the studio, so I’d say you might see our next release from us sometime in winter 2017. 

Any plans to hit the road?

CR: We don’t have any tour dates lined up just yet, but we do have some plans to tour on the horizon. Keep up with us on our social media pages for all the latest news and updates!

What else is happening next in Fatally Yours’ world?

CR: We’re still working in the studio, however, we are taking a break from that to play our 5-year anniversary party at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD on 10/28! It’s going to be a RAGER, and you’re ALL invited!  Also appearing are Outerloop Records band, Megosh and Crashing Atlas.

Watch here

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