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Celebrities Who Know More Than One Language

Celebrities have to have many skills, apart from acting, of course, to get the role of their lifetime. Some of them need to learn dancing, riding a horse, or even playing sports. But hearing them speak a different language than what we’re used to always manages to impress their fans.

Here are ten celebrities who can hold a conversation in more than one language.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston is one of the most prominent members of the multilingual group. Not only that he is an incredibly handsome and talented actor, but Tom also speaks Spanish, French, and Greek. Apparently, he learned while studying classics at the University of Cambridge.

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Kobe Bryant

We bet you weren’t expecting this! The renowned basketball player was born in Philadelphia but lived in Italy until the age of 14. As a result, he is fluent in Italian and can hold a conversation with ease.

Colin Firth

One of the things not many know about Colin Firth is that he’s been married to a Rome-born documentary film producer. That, of course, has played a major part in the actor becoming fluent in Italian, which he is not shy about and has proved in countless interviews.

Charlize Theron

The actress may be known for her beauty, acting skills, and for playing in numerous great movies but what you may not know about her is that her language skills are also quite impressive. Having been born and raised in South Africa, Afrikaans is her native tongue. But, she also speaks English and Dutch fluently.

Sandra Oh

Best known for her part in Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh was born in Ottawa, Canada. That combined with the fact that her parents are both Korean, resulted in the actress now speaking not less than four languages: English, Korean, Spanish, as well as French, which she picked up when studying acting in Montreal.

Mila Kunis

Born in Soviet Union Ukraine, Mila Kunis moved to the United States when she was seven years old. Because her mother tongue was so different than English, adapting to her new life was quite difficult. However, she soon grew accustomed and managed to overpass the language barrier. Although she is now a world-renowned actress, she is still fluent in her native tongue.

Diane Kruger

The actress was born in Germany, so German is her native tongue, and she started learning English early on. She is also fluent in French, which she learned during her modeling years, in Paris.


Shakira is another multilingual celebrity. The singer was born in Colombia, so Spanish is her native language, but besides it, she can also speak Portuguese, Italian, and, of course, English, which she learned with the help of a former American boyfriend.

Natalie Portman

The actress is known for her incredible acting skills, but do you know just how many languages she speaks? Born in Jerusalem to an American mother and Israeli father, she grew up speaking Hebrew and English and picked up French, German, Spanish, and Japanese later on in life.

Viggo Mortensen

It seems parents of different nationalities pays off – with a Danish father and American mother, Viggo Mortensen was raised speaking English, Danish, and Spanish. Additionally, he also knows a bit of French and Italian.

Could you have guessed how many of these celebrities can hold a conversation in other languages apart from English? Neither could we!

by Tim Baker

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