9 Entertainers Who Vape

Cigarettes and musicians have an intimate relationship.

In combination with a leather jacket and a pair of shades, they’re essential rock-attire. At times, smoking seems as mandatory as the guitar. Hendrix, Richards, and Dylan are all icons associated with a smoke hanging from their mouths.

And of course it doesn’t stop at rock’n’roll. As over 15% of Americans smoke, it’s a habit shared by various entertainers.

But, as the Nobel laureate above said: “times they are-a changin’”. Somewhat, at least.

Since e-cigarettes and vapers are considered less harmful than cigarettes, many are embracing vaping. Especially in health conscious Hollywood. When battery life is the main concern (with exceptions like the iTaste MVP), making the switch isn’t much of a debate.

Here are but a few examples.


Granted — not much of a wildcard. Snoop has been a renown smoker for decades. Albeit, perhaps mostly a herbal variety. But today, he’s an avid vaper.

He’s even got his own branded vaporizer.

Charlie Sheen

Again, not much of a surprise. Sheen has been a Hollywood bad-boy since the ‘80s, and cigarettes are the least of his vices.  After getting tired of being fined for lighting up in venues, he found a solution: e-cigarettes.

He even launched his own brand in 2011: Nicosheen. However, there hasn’t been much noise about the brand since.

Perhaps it was the name…

Katy Perry

This one, however, might surprise some. Katy Perry has been a regular vaper for a few years. Last year, she was seen sharing a vape pen with Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo might be the world’s most renowned vaper and somewhat of a vaping icon. At the 2016 SAG awards, Leo caught a lot of attention by vaping at a crowded table. Within minutes, this caused a social media uproar, which ended in vaping being banned at the following Oscars.

However, this doesn’t seem to have affected his brand nor that of vaping. Quite the opposite.

Ronnie Wood

A genuine rock’n’roll legend, Wood has been a member of the Rolling Stones since 1975. While his bandmate Richards is reportedly not a fan of vaping, Ronnie has been an e-smoker for a couple of years. Until he quit last year, just before his twins were born, that is.

Katherine Heigl

Heigl is another open vape promoter in Hollywood. She was one of the first big celebrities that embraced vaping back, and even discussed the benefits of it on Letterman in 2010.

Tom Petty

At 64 years old, this old rock-icon is a true vintage vaper. A few years back, he revealed he made the decision to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes to be more health-conscious.

Dave Grohl

The recent Foo Fighters-video for the song ‘Run’ features an intense vape toke. In it, Grohl plays an elderly Gandalf-looking resident at a nursing home. And while that’s just a music video, Dave has been known for buing vape-gear in the past.

Johnny Depp

Depp is a long-time smoker of cigarettes. But, after vaping in the movie ‘The Tourist’, Depp apparently took up the habit on a regular basis.  Good for him!

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